Friday, April 27, 2007

Week two in 5.0

I apologize for the brevity and the tardiness with the 5.0 report. The teams have not reported their scores so I had to track down some information through a couple of friends.

Based solely on ratings, the Rice team looked like it wouldn't be that competitive in 5.0 this year. They have 2 5.0's, 6 4.5's and a 4.0 on their roster. Hardly intimidating. But through week two they're undefeated. The lesson is clear: when you have a (singles) horse, you ride him. Arun Nanjappa is 2-0, this week taking out the formidable Marlon Mazique rather easily. (I believe it was straight sets, but haven't heard the scores). In the 5.0 division, one player can provide half of the lines you need to win a match. That's huge. The Rice doubles lineup looks weak. In week one they got a win from a guy (Allen Tran) who has spent many years playing 4.0. I'm still thinking the doubles will catch up with them, but with a guy like Nanjappa, they've always got a puncher's chance.

The Met made their debut last night, and pulled out a victory by taking both of the doubles lines. Their lineup is littered with names unfamiliar to league and tournament players. Many of them are rich country club types "slumming" with the rest of us. But they can play some ball. I don't THINK they have that one super stud singles player that so many successful 5.0 teams rely on. But who knows. The jury is still out on most of their players. It's nice to have some new blood in a 5.0 league that has been quite stale for years.

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