Wednesday, April 18, 2007

2007 Preview: 4.0 Division

This one will be brief, as there are too many teams and too many unknowns at this juncture.

Clearly, the heavyweights of Rice and Jason Freeman's Hurricanes are the teams to beat. Both are in the same division and both made it to the state semis last year (slightly different teams). There is another seemingly decent team in their division (Heat), but it's doubtful they have the firepower to compete with the heavyweights.

Lakeside is always a factor. Those old guys know how to play doubles. But will their singles hold up without Corbin Cooke? Last year Lakeside appeared to slip a notch.

Chancellor's is another team to watch. They've lost a couple of studs from their playoff team of last year but there's still talent on the roster. There are also some new names with no history (I sure can't pronounce them!) that could be potential studs.

I'll have more on 4.0 as the season unfolds and I figure out the teams. For now, I'll pick the Hurricanes over Rice in the finals of the City playoffs.

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  1. Starting last year, the Texas Section allowed two teams from the largest cities to play at Sectionals in an effort to have 4 flights of 5 teams each instead of 4 flights of 4 teams each so that each team plays four other teams instead of three. Hope that made sense. In any event, both of the teams that make the finals in 4.0 at least will have a spot in Sectionals. I'm guessing that both of the top teams will be a little more inspired this year after barely losing in both semis last year.