Thursday, April 26, 2007

An hour from kickoff

Well, we're an hour from the start of week two matches and there has been surprisingly little roster activitiy. Typically, you can count on last minute week two additions to be in the starting lineup, but this year teams have done little scrambling and little unveiling of "ringers" despite a few marquee matchups.

In 4.5, Kingwood has added Ricky Barrera, who has been a fixture on their past teams. Expect to see him in the singles lineup tonight against the Hangovers, perhaps with Gary Armstrong or Phi Huynh. The Hangovers added just David Guy, who will probably also be playing singles. I won't be surprised to see the match decided 3-2 tonight, with a third set tiebreaker or two being the difference. I'm still surprised that the Hangovers have stood pat with what they have. Ssshhhwing added Adrian Melchor, who appears to be a weak player on paper. Rice added 3 4.0 players. One would hope they don't need to use them tonight.

In 4.0, there has been little roster movement. The big matchup between Rice and Hurricanes has produced no last minute roster moves. About the only notable addition to a roster is Chancellor's addition of one of their stronger players from last year, Tom Le.

In 5.0 there has been no roster movement, but the 5.0 division is famous for its last minute moves as captains play cat and mouse with each other. I'm sure there will be a move or two in the next hour.

Good luck to everyone tonight.

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