Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Summer League" Signups have begun

It's too early yet to figure out who will be the teams to beat. I've heard numerous rumors of how things might shake out, but will reserve judgment until things are official.

There are a few things of note thus far. It looks like Jochen Moser will be putting together a 5.0 team. I don't expect them to compete for a Sectionals berth, but it will be nice to have a new team out there. In 4.5 JCC will be fielding two teams this year. The team captained by Joe Warren has designs on being a factor, and may well be one. My old teammate Pete Taylor is already on their roster, and I expect Greg Medford will also be playing, giving them a potentially strong one-two singles punch. If their doubles lineup ends up looking like I expect it will, there will be some holes in the lineup, but they WILL be dangerous.

If Benzon/Freeman don't put together a serious 4.5 team, then things will again be wide open this year.

Nothing exciting is happening in 4.0 thus far.