Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Week Three Preview

Last week, we had matchups of two of the elite teams in both 4.5 and 4.0. This week doesn't have any heavyweight battles, but it does have several several playoff-caliber teams jockeying for position. After this week we will have a much better grasp on just who are the teams to beat in several divsions in 4.0 and 4.5.

In 4.0 Division I, conventional wisdom says that nobody is going to touch Lakeside. It's early, and that prediction could be way off. However, if Lakeside is as strong as usual, then two teams who will be furiously fighting for that second place slot will be butting heads on Thursday. The Copperheads visit Lost Forest's hackers in a battle of two 2-0 teams. The Hackers have lost at one singles both weeks. Sam Ahn is 2-0 at one singles for Copperfield. Will Lost Forest throw a sacrificial lamb at one singles and hope to take three out of four other lines? Strategy could be important.

Chancellor's Outlaws look weaker on paper this year, but still have Jerry Pham and some others. JCC Dudes are an unknown commodity but have been solid thus far. I'll pick Chancellor's in a tight one. Nothing too exciting in the rest of 4.0.

The 4.5 division has a couple of good matchups: Perennial playoff qualifier Jedi Knights takes on Ssshhhwing, who underperformed last season. If Ssshhhwing can't take a singles line this week, they're dead in the water. Jedi Knights don't have a soft spot in their doubles lineup if their top players show up.

The battle between Sugar Creek and the Black Sheep will decide the frontrunner for division III. Will John Day be able to give Atsushi Fukunaga a battle? Or will captain Ken Douds place him at number two...or back with Burmann for an almost unbeatable line one doubles? The key may be the other singles slot. If Alzate takes his singles line, West Side has a very good chance despite their poor line 3 doubles.

In 5.0, the early leader, Rice, has the week off. Lost Forest may again change their singles choice this week in an effort to find an answer. The Met had a newcomer (Jon Evans) playing singles last week. I won't be surprised to see John Sullivan playing there this week.

The other matchup features Team Teague with a breather against Moser's MPTC squad.


  1. I think Burrman and Day are probably the best doubles team in 4.5. I don't think they're unbeatable in fact I'm sure they were beat in playoffs last year. Why Day is playing singles I do not know.

  2. actually they won both of their playoff matches (barely). day lost a 3 set match to the mob squad when paired with an inferior partner.

  3. It's too bad that it rained tonight. The hurricanes were going to go down like De La Hoya is on Saturday.

    What now bitches?

  4. Day and Burrman were defeated by the mob. I spoke to those guys and they both said Day fell apart in that match.

    I hope Mayweather and De La Hoya knock each other out.

  5. Previous poster is either ignorant or trying to stir things up.

    Day went undefeated in last year's City Championships, winning all three #1 doubles matches - all went three sets.

    It's so easy to check the scores - no need to spread misinformation!

    Check your facts next time!

  6. There's definitely a case to be made that Burrmann and Day are the top 4.5 league doubles team over the last year and a half. I just went back over their record and (unless I miscounted) they're 16-4 over that period (this is including HTA matches, USTA matches and playoff matches).

    The only four teams to beat them: Li/Regent (3rd set TB), Bialas/Rothe (3rd set TB), Thang Pham/Tran (3rd set TB), and Adam Kent/Robins (3rd set TB). They have always played at the top of the lineup and have some good wins, including one over Green/Armstrong in the playoffs last year.

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  8. Actually, Sam Ahn (Copperheads) is not 2-0 but 1-1.
    Juan Pacheco bit him 1-6 6-4 1-0.

  9. Sam Ahn is the best player out of Copperfield. Sad but true

  10. Sam is a great player especially in singles, but certainly not the best at Copperfield.

  11. Well who is better? Motzny? hahahahahhahahahhahahahhaha
    I can't stop laughing. hahahahahhahahahahhahahahha

  12. Motzny broke his ankle and tore his lateral ligaments at a charity tourney last weekend; he needs surgery and will be out a very long time.

    There are some players (not club pros) who are 5.0+ and don't play league or tournaments.

    What about Adam Kent? Bryan Robins? Dave McCarthy? Mike Salinas is having a huge year in singles. Not to take anything away from Sam, but these guys are much stronger players.

  13. Motzny might be a better player with a bad ankle. Time off from tennis can only help his game. Hell, he couldn't get any worse.

  14. You're a real class act.

    Hopefully you won't suffer the same fate someday.