Monday, April 23, 2007

Week Two Preview

As you can tell from the comments to the previous post, the Kingwood - MIB default has sparked quite a bit of controversy. I believe there is an appeal board which decides these things. They have their work cut out for them. Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts.

In the 5.0 division this week, the Met team makes their debut. The team seems to have some potential, but the jury is still out on several of their players, almost all of whom I've not seen play and have little history. The Met may not get a good test this week, however.

The Lost Forest "dynasty" appears to have run its course. With Eliot Lopez's departure it seemed logical that Robert Bickmore would pick up the slack. He was absent last week and Don Rios is just not going to get the job done at #1 singles. Frederic-Saint Louis appears to be a very good player, but wasn't enough to get past 4.5 player Red Benzon in doubles.

Team Teague has to be considered the early favorite, though Varun Pandit probably won't be the answer. Can't see him taking out Arun Nanjappa this week, but Teague's team should sweep the doubles. Won't be surprised to see a different singles player for Teague this week. Carpenter or Sombito, perhaps.

In 4.5 we have some heavyweight matchups this week. Of course, the main bout will be between Kingwood and the Hangovers. I'm still expecting Burkhart's team to add some firepower for singles. Kingwood should have all their top guns there (perhaps even on time?) for such a big early season matchup. Somehow I doubt we'll see Jimmy Kilshaw playing singles this week.

The Jedi Knights will make their on court debut on Thursday against a tough Ssshhhwing squad. Ryan Cooper is too tough for Reynaldo Leija in singles. Chris Hunckler might be able to give him a run for his money. We might find out this week where Andre Dafel's game is at right now.

In the other division, Westside has an easy one and will be 2-0 if they dispatch of the Ball Busters. The big match is between Rice and Sugar Creek. Sugar Creek doesn't look to have the strength they've had in past years, at least so far. Rice looks like they'll be a mirror image of past Rice teams: a few really good players on a team that misses the playoffs. I don't believe they've EVER made the playoffs, due mainly to a lack of commitment and some questionable lineup choices in the past. Even with a new captain, it may be more of the same this year for Rice.

In 4.0 there is a matchup equally as intriguing as the 4.5 heavyweight battle as Rice and the Hurricanes mix it up yet again. Bill Hunt and Jason Freeman will be having nightmares about each other. Last year Rice took out Freeman's team in the city finals. The teams look poised to meet each other three times again this season.

Lakeside plays MIB II in a battle of two teams that may contend for spots. Lakeside is always dangerous. We may find out something about their singles players this week. Bret Hern and Eddie Perdomo appear to be the singles guys, but they may have their hands full with Steven Hoysan this week.


  1. FYI, the Jedi Knights have a bye this week. They do not face-off with the Ssshhhwing until the following week. The Ssshhhwing have a match at Lost Forest this week. It will be interesting to see if Lost Forest fields a team after a complete no-show last week.

  2. Thanks for the correction. I misread the schedule. Sorry bout that. I haven't heard any news about Lost Forest putting a 4.5 team together yet.

  3. Nothing like a good controversy to get a new blog going.

  4. For the record (anonymously of course), I agree with Smacker about the rules. There are so many grey areas that teams exploit to their advantage that those that are in black and white (default times, sign your players up for HTA) should be enforced. It's not like we are a bunch of kids who are getting denied an opportunity because our parents couldn't get us to the game on time or didn't get us signed up on time; we are grown men who should be responsible for our own actions. The sense of entitlement that some people feel is unbelievable.

  5. The Met team consists of Many club champs including current Club champs from both the Houston Racquet Club and River Oaks. This team will definitely be a force in the 5.0 league. Many experienced players on this squad.

    Team Teague has finally overcome its nemesis Lost Forest. If you look at past History they haven't beaten Lost Forest in 6yrs of league play so Kudos for them.This week they will be running into a sleeper team. Although Nanjappa is getting alot of attention Jorge Cuesta is of even caliber so Team teague shouldn't take them lightly.