Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HTA Houston Open

I took a glance at the draws yesterday, and at this point I'm obviously not the most educated of observers, but my two cents worth:

I'll be very surprised if Odion and Tim Green lose in the 4.5 doubles.

The 4.0 singles intrigues me the most as there are possible matchups between several of my teammates: Eddie Janek, Tuyen Nguyen, Bobby Dornbos. All three of them have chances to do really well in the tournament, and it'll be nice to see how they're playing at this point in the season.

Where is the new blood in the 4.5 singles? That division needs an infusion of youth or new names. Nice to see people like Herb Morton still going strong and earning the top seed.

I saw Javier Chavarria and Don Rios playing a practice match at the Met about a month ago. A shame they have to meet in the first round of the 40's.

Ward Jannuzzi is making an appearance in the 55's. Haven't seen him since his move to Florida. Might be worth a trip out to CHS (if I can figure out what/where that is).

Is anyone gonna' beat Rob Collins?

League rosters are filling up quickly. I haven't studied them yet. Any surprises? Post in the comments.

I suppose I should also mention that the 40+ league has had some good turnout. The quality of play, to me, seems to be a notch below the summer league, but that's to be expected. City playoffs are just around the corner. Should be some competitive matches.