Monday, November 26, 2012

2013 Ratings are out today

Props to Lance for compiling spreadsheet.

Here is link to file:

Let the recruiting begin.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Message from HTA on League Changes

Some folks may have seen this already, but with those who don't get it here are some further clarifications on the new league format.
End of year ratings **should** be out the week after thanksgiving. 

Letter from HTA President Regarding 2013 League Changes (11/15/12)
HTA League Players,
As you may have heard, the USTA has restructured their leagues for 2013 highlighted by the addition of the USTA 40+leagues for those age 40 and over.  The Houston Tennis Association (HTA) is excited to offer this opportunity to our players as statistics show that 70% of local players fit within this category and this will provide an additional chance for advancement to Sectional and National Championships.  With the league schedule crowded already, accommodating new opportunities demands adjustment to existing offerings. 
In an effort to maximize the offerings available for HTA members and local clubs, we are using this time of transition to institute changes to the traditional HTA schedule and to more closely align USTA and HTA league rules in an effort to establish more consistency in our products.  Please see the summary below.

Overview of Significant Changes for 2013

·         New Leagues Added: A USTA Adult 40 & Over league is being added in the spring, and an HTA Adult 40 & Over doubles league is being added in the fall. These are new play opportunities in the Houston area.
·         HTA Leagues NTRP Level Conformity: HTA Leagues will now match the NTRP eligibility requirements as USTA leagues.  For USTA and HTA leagues, the posted NTRP level of the team (with the exception of Open divisions) will be the maximum rating of any player on the roster for that team, and players need to be at the team NTRP level or no more than .5 lower.  For example, a 4.0 team can be comprised of 4.0 and 3.5 players only.  This allows matches to count toward NTRP, provides more leveled, competitive play, diminishes the opportunity for manipulation of ratings and conforms our offerings to the computer-generated NTRP rating system model.
·         HTA Leagues Lines of Play:  HTA is changing its doubles, singles and mixed doubles leagues to 3 lines of play rather than 4. This will make it easier to field teams, will decrease the number of courts required of the tennis club or facility, and will accommodate additional play opportunities provided through the introduction of the 40 & Over divisions.
·         HTA Doubles Leagues Schedule Changes: With the addition of the new 40 & Over leagues, the HTA spring and fall doubles leagues will be changing days.  Men will now play on Wednesday evenings, and women will play on Monday evenings or Friday mornings.
For a detailed description of all leagues offered through HTA for 2013, click here: "2013 League Spreadsheet" .  This link includes league type, format, dates, days, and playoff information.  Additionally, the League Coordinator will send out season-specific flyers as in the past.  There will soon be a league calendar added to the website where clicking on a specific season will lead you to the prepared flyer. 
The HTA leadership recognizes that change results in a variety of responses, and we ask for your cooperation and understanding as we navigate through this time of transition.  The changes are anticipated to endure for 2013 and beyond, but there will be ongoing review once results can be measured.  Please know that our goal is to provide leveled social and competitive tennis playing opportunities for all HTA players. 
For those desiring to give feedback, please send your comments to   Answers to what we anticipate to be "Frequently Asked Questions" are on the website. 
Thank you for your continued support of the Houston Tennis Association.
Emily Schaefer
HTA President

Friday, November 2, 2012

New League Schedules/Formats for 2013 Posted

Some folks may have seen this already but the specifics for the new age based leagues are available.   Below is summary email from HTA, and I have highlighted the two men's leagues that would be of most interest to folks here below.  

I guess I am slightly confused over how this is going to work:

  1. Does the over 40 league feed into any sectional/national structure?  
  2. Can one play on two teams (if eligible)?
  3. Is there a specific age cut-off for the >40 league?  It just says "during 2013", I guess that means Dec 31?

Interesting to me that the young guy league is fewer lines (2S + 2D) and the old guy league is similar to the USTA format of 2S + 3D.

I believe it should be the other way around as it seems like the young guy league will have more people signed up for it.

Maybe we will finally get rid of this no-ad crap and can play our local leagues like the rest of the state does.... Is anyone listening?

Also, for those who play in the A division of the North Suburban league, this new USTA approach might erode the participation in the North Suburban league.

Hello Captains,

With the USTA League Restructure (for more info click here) going into effect in 2013, HTA has to make changes too.  After reviewing our membership’s ages and the survey results we found that 60% of men and 70% of women Houston league players are 40 and over.  Close to 70% who qualify showed interest in the new USTA 40 & Over league. 

USTA believes the 40+ league will be just as successful as 18+ in the coming years, HTA wants to set up the new league for success.  To do so we have to make room at the public and private facilities in the spring for the new 40 & Over USTA league.  To do this the format for HTA spring league must change.  See 2013 Spring League Flyer and 2013 League Calendar Grid attached. 

2013 Houston Tennis Association Spring League Calendar:

·         HTA Spring Adult League: Monday Night Men.  Format 2 doubles; 2 singles.  January 14-March 18
·         USTA 40 & Over League: Tuesday Night Ladies.  Format 3 doubles; 2 singles.  January 8-March 12
·         HTA Spring Adult League: Wednesday Night Ladies.  Format 2 doubles; 2 singles.  January 16-March 20
·         USTA 40 & Over League: Thursday Night Men.  Format 3 doubles, 2 singles.  January 10-March 21
·         USTA 40 & Over League: Thursday Morning Ladies.  Format 3 doubles; 2 singles.  January 10-March 14
·         HTA Spring Adult League: Friday Morning Ladies.  Format 4 lines doubles.  January 18-March 22
·         USTA 40 & Over Mixed League: Sunday Evening Mixed.  Format 3 doubles.  January 6-March 17   
·         HTA Spring Mixed League: Sunday Evening Mixed.  Format 4 doubles.  January 27-April 14
·         WTT Corporate Cup League: 3rd Saturday monthly play.  Format 2 doubles; 2 singles; 2 mixed.  January 19-August 17

Please prepare for the new season in the coming weeks, contact your players about who qualifies for what league.  Figure out what league(s) suits your team best.  Registration for all spring leagues will start after the 2012 End of Year Ratings are published in late November.  Check out the full Spring League Details here.  

I will be emailing league night captains individually with home court options/procedures.  Check the website for updates on league: Visit, Hover over the ‘News’ link in the yellow row near the top of the page, Choose ‘Hot News’, Choose ‘2013 USTA League Restructure & Spring League Info’ for the official Spring League page. 

Here are the flyers: