Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm sure this will bore most of you, but...

Some captains might be interested to know this stuff. The question about DNTRP's in a retired match was asked because Sarosh Ahmed, the top 4.0 league singles player, won by a 2-0, retired score in the first week against David Romero, a very good 4.0. If the match went into the ratings computer as a 6-0, 6-0 he might be in danger of being red flagged.

Here's Cheryl's answer: As usual, she is doing a superb job.

Below is the rule question answer. This is in our HTA rules under General Information (Scoring and team Format; scheduling match times)
Once lineups are exchanged, matches are to be played in good faith and according to the exchanged lineups. HTA does not schedule the match times for the teams and therefore cannot adhere to defaults from the bottom up. For example, line # 1 singles is scheduled to play at 8:15 PM and the player cannot arrive for the match promptly and is defaualted. That exchanged scorecard stands as exchanged and agreed upon by the team captains. However, if teams call in advance to default a line, it must be from the bottom up in accordance with USTA rules.
During the Citywide Championships HTA does dictate the time schedule for the matches. For example, if we do not have all five lines playing at the same time, then it is stated that # 1 and # 2 singles and # 1 doubles play at 7:00, followed by # 2 doubles and # 3 doubles. Also at the Citywide Championships HTA does enforce the USTA league rule that matches must be defaulted from the bottom up, if a team has to default. This is in our citywide championship guidelines.
Concerning retirements due to injury. etc:
The score should be reported in Tennis Link in accordance with what the scores were when the match was retired. Example: 2-1 and marked as a retirement instead of a completed match. The system will give the winning team the balance of the games won to complete the match in calculating the scores. The NTRPs will not be affected by this. It is also important when a team does default as match it is recorded as a default and not a completed match. Defaults are not used to calculate NTRPs, completed matches are.


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  2. Sorry, made a typo on the previous comment. Here we go again:

    You can't change your lineup once you exchange it with the other captain.

    You can't play if you're not registered with HTA.

    You can't keep the other team waiting well past the 15 minute time limit.

    And if you break all of these rules, and your opponent enforces them, some people think your opponent isn't playing fair and is not following proper tennis etiquette.


  3. Hacker,

    Out of all the places you've played around town, which courts do you like the best?

    Which do you think are the worst?

  4. That guy Phi is notorious for being late, a big reason why he was not invited back on the Mob team. That and he has never won a big match.

  5. OK now we need some fat guy to come on this blog and call himself Htown Snacka.

  6. Best Place to play in town Indoors is the Metropolitan Racquet Club. Outdoors has to be the Houston Racquet Club or Westside Tennis Club.

  7. The Worst tennis courts have to be the Public Facilities Lee Leclear Memorial and Homer Ford just because they will shut the lights out on you if your league matches go the distance.

  8. I played at HRC last month at the Gallery tournament. Wow. I had to go buy a new bag just to feel like I could walk thru the place.

    Lost Forest is pretty bad. Some of Memorial's courts like #17 are a little "different" than normal.

  9. This blog is fun reading. Keep it up. I hope that some people at the state and national level will read some of this stuff and maybe start enforcing rules for a change.
    Don't get me started on the self rating, and the computer rating system. What a joke!

  10. The rating systems were my next post. People want to toss words around like "fairness" and "etiquette" in criticizing others who actually want to play by the rules. What a joke is right!

    These are probably the same ones who appeal their ratings down every year and self-rate at least 1 and sometimes 2+ levels below what they really should be rated.

    The list is long, but there's no need to name names since mostly everyone knows who they are.

  11. Hmmm...I'm not sure there are that many players playing below their levels in Houston. I'd love to hear your opinion of who they might be.

    Off the top of my head I can think of 3 or 4 players that are playing 2 levels below their peak ratings(former 5.0's playing 4.0 or 5.5's now playing 4.5), but none of them are setting the world on fire.

  12. Hacker, I guess it's all relative. The list might not be as long as you thought I meant, but there are more than there should be. I still don't understand why some guys want to play down when they dominate at the lower levels. I'd rather get my butt kicked playing up as I try to improve, which is a better measure of my overall progress.

    Oh well.