Friday, October 17, 2008

4.5 Nationals

Sorry for the prolonged absence.  To be honest, I lose all interest in league tennis after the season is over.  I rarely play HTA stuff any more.  I would prefer that Houston did things like Dallas does: the Dallas fall league winner gains an automatic berth in the summer league playoffs, making the fall league matches meaningful.   I personally can get good matches playing with friends and prefer the flexibility of playing when my schedule allows since the HTA matches are really no more meaningful or intense than my "friendly" matches.  

Anyway, Craig Bobo's Noho team has arrived in Tuscon and has what looks to be a favorable bracket, being placed with the champions from the Caribbean, Pacific Northwest and Midwest sections.  From what I understand, nearly everyone of importance (other than Antoine Ford) has made the trip to Arizona.   I will post updates when possible if I can get to a computer this weekend at Combo Sectionals.