Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Twas The Night Before Ratings...

Yes, ratings are scheduled to be released tomorrow. There's been no indication that the USTA is planning a dramatic ratings shift again this year, but people are closely watching the 4.5 division to see if much of its membership is pushed up to 5.0.

If the USTA decides not to make further adjustments this year, expect to see many local 5.0 players moved back down next year. The quality of play locally in 4.5 was down a notch last year, but next year could see a deep 4.5 talent pool in Houston, making for an exciting season.

Feel free to speculate on bumpups and bumpdowns...we'll keep an eye out for official announcemnt of the new ratings.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DECEMBER 4th (3.0 and 4.0 levels)
DECEMBER 5th (3.5 and 4.5 levels)
Copperfield Racquet & Health Club
Summary of Rules
Teams consist of a minimum of 2 females and 2 males with a maximum of 10 total. The top 2 males and females on your team must AVERAGE the level you are participating in. (i.e. 3.0 + 4.0 = 3.5 level)
Matches: 6 set format
Women and men's doubles
Women's and men's singles
Two sets of mixed doubles
Scoring: A match consists of six no-ad sets. Each no-ad set is won by the first team to reach six games. A nine-point tiebreaker will be played at five games all in any set. After both mixed double sets are finished and scores are recorded and totaled:
A. If the leading team won set number six, the match is over.
B. If the trailing team won set number six, the match continues into overtime until the leading team wins one game or until the score is tied. If a tie occurs, a Super tiebreaker will be played to determine the winner!
Substitutions: At any point, a team can substitute a player (same gender) into a set!
Coaching is allowed and we encourage team members to stand along the court and CHEER their team! (just like Davis Cup)
Lance P. Loken
(832) 387-8248
Recently, we had 4 teams from the Houston area travel to Indian Wells, CA for the National Championships!!! 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and Corporate 4.5 were levels that were represented.