Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid Year Ratings are out....

Mid year ratings are out.

Have fun with them.

Sorry for being so short, first post from phone.


  1. 1st comment post whoohoo... Now, let's start talking about tomorrow playoff matches. :)

    Thanks for the link Chris. Looks like you got any early bumped.

  2. Red Benzon back to 4.5 :P
    Aaron Greene to 4.5
    Turpen back to 4.0! be my partner again!

    Michael Tran to 3.5. =P

  3. Ted Bradley got bumped up to 5.0

  4. Neil Carpenter got bumped to 5.0

  5. Omon and Odion back at 5.0

  6. Tim Green back to 5.0?????? WTF

  7. Do mid-year ratings usually stick? I know if you are over 50 the appeal is pretty easy. I'm wondering more about younger players. Are players that got bumped up pretty much stuck there for at least a year?

  8. I sure do wish that USTA Texas would just publish the spreadsheet.

    Now I have to take the PDF export to Excel, parse the data and use pivot tables to find everyone by city.

    Tosha, since you read this can you work on this for next time?

  9. I wouldn't be to worry about mid-year; but if you are not listed in mid-year and have an undefeated record; most likely you will be bumped up and end-of-year.

  10. Ned Boone down to 4.5.....

  11. Jason Kern 5.0.. Yikes

  12. what does this even mean? obviously year-end ratings are still to come, but there aren't any league matches left. someone explain...

  13. For Houstonians they're pretty useless. Cities like Dallas use them for their fall leagues.

  14. Playoffs: 3.0 ladies

    Woodlands def Walden 4-1
    Kingwood is up on Copperfield 2-1

  15. 4.5 Women bumped to 5.0 in Houston

    Only 2 Tiffany Burris and Abbe Ulrich.

  16. John Burrmann mid year 5.0.

  17. Here is a link to a sheet that has the data parsed for those who want to look at it across city, etc.

    It took me about an hour, would have been about a 20min exercise but there were a few people with middle names, four names, etc and that took me a while to work through.

    You want the tab called 'Cleaned_Data". The other tab has the text parsing in it.

    This is on dropbox. You should be able to get to it open right from the link in excel.

  18. Good work Chris. It's certainly a lot easier to read and search than the one published on the TTA site. Appreciate the effort.

  19. Thanks. PDFs are great for showing someone something, but not for any analysis.

    Here is the ladies:

  20. Rd 2 from ladies 3.0 playoffs:

    Kingwood def Woodlands
    Walden def Copperfield

  21. all this ladies' 3.0 league talk is killing me

  22. We were all 3.0 once...

  23. Agreed and it's nothing personal. It just seems that the majority of readers/posters on this blog are 4.0 and 4.5 men who want to hear predictions and smack talk regarding the matches tonight.

  24. The evil empire will prevail!

  25. Why are some ppl get early bump-up with undefeated league records; while other with undefeated league records and mediocre tournament records does not. I thought early mid-year rating does not include tournament results.

    NTRP is too mysterious.

  26. It is very inconsistent and does not always make sense.

    Here is an example of why what you described could happen:
    Person A - undefeated summer season, gets mid year bumped.
    Person B - undefeated summer season, does not get bumped.

    Person A could have a higher rating within their current rating ie - 4.80 versus 4.74 which makes person A get bumped and person B not be bumped.

    One thing I would like to do if I had the time would be to harvest all of the records from tennislink, reverse engineer their system and create my own and see how they do it.

    One problem with closed source software is that no one knows how it works. Take Diebold (voting machines) or the Breathalyzer software. Both of these have been around for years and finally through legal channels they were both examined and found to be highly flawed.

    If USTA had the nuts they should publish their calculation methodology and make their source code available for examination.

    I am sure they pimp it out to Wipro or some other Indian slave shop that has no incentive to share their code.

  27. it would be nice to know exactly what our rating is at least once a year.

    i.e. 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

  28. By the way, there is something called "The City Playoffs" that continues tonight....anyone want to talk about that?

    Main event is at Lee Leclear tonight.

  29. "Indian slave shop" ... I love it!!!

  30. USTA doesn't make their methodology, or their source code, or anyone's two-decimal-point rating available because they suspect a few (LOL) bad actors would use that information to control their ratings. The lesser of two evils, perhaps.

  31. Good point anonymous.

    I would simply challenge the methodology. Only after exploiting the weakness in methodology would I manipulate it for my own gain.....

    I am kidding. I am sure there would be those who would 'work' the system, but I am just interested in how they do it.

    Most people who know me would say that I am just being me.

  32. Agreed. See you across the net at 12:30 perhaps, and we can talk about reverse-engineering after the match. I've harvested more than a few records so far.

  33. seems to me that the mid year ratings are just another way to let people know that they should start losing matches if they don't want to get bumped up....

  34. For Houston the mid year ratings don't mean much.

    Dallas uses them for what level you play in the fall league which actually feeds into sectionals for next year.

    Houston use to use it for the combo thingy in the fall, but that stopped a couple of years ago.

  35. I'm going to go out on a limb and pick all upsets tonight in men's 4.5, and that includes the 'evil empire.'

    Long live the underdogs.

  36. Any scores or updates from LLTC?

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