Thursday, July 2, 2009

A look at Citywides in 4.5

Well, it looks as though the Deucebags have effectively closed the book on the 4.5 regular season and we can begin to look at the playoffs, which begin in just a week. Here are the six teams and a quick look at what I feel might be a plausible lineup for them in the playoffs. Bear in mind that I have absolutely no clue about the best lineup on my own team, so these are obviously sheer speculation.


The prohibitive favorites. Nobody else in the playoff has the firepower to stay with them, although obviously "on any given Sunday..." They will have the luxury of using some of their great depth if they jump out to a good start in their first couple of matches.

Singles: Omon, Odion

Doubles: David B/Green, Burrmann/Lombardi?, Sumrall/Tam

This leaves out Phoummarath, who obviously would be moved in if one of the Dibuas slides into doubles, perhaps in place of Lombardi? I don't think the 'Canes will need to worry about their best lineup until Dallas, however.


They're solid in the singles, but will have to be totally on their game to take two doubles lines against these playoff teams.

Singles: Hasker, D.Bui

Doubles: Tran/Jannuzzi, Dugas/Dugas, Diep/M. Morales

Again, I'm just taking a stab at most of this stuff.


They're loaded with playoff veterans and should not be underestimated. (These teams are in no particular order, btw) How will Phan fare (no pun) in the heat? Which Quack Bui will show up? Can Minh/Chantz shake their postseason blues?

Singles: Phan, Bui

Doubles: Vu/Huynh, Minh/Chantz, M. Phan/Pekar?

Santiago, Kilshaw and Rios may work their way in there as well

West Side Black Sheep

They've become a fixture in the playoffs and have given some teams a scare or two, but have yet to have a breakthrough win. Will this be the year? Do they have any singles depth beyond Bradley and Lacy if necessary?

Singles: Bradley, Lacy

Doubles: Hansen/Dimitrijevic, Alzate, Ristau, Teague/Shaw

Bear in mind that this same doubles lineup was basically non-competitive in their last matchup with Kingwood. They may not have the doubles firepower to compete.


The feel-good story of the year, surprising me by doing so well without Kudrick. They had some playoff jitters last year and really SHOULD have come in second. We'll see if they get over the hump this time around.

Singles: Holmes, Bergmann

Doubles: Robins/Letan, Mazaltov/Lubrano, Thrower/Rawls

I have no idea how good Mazaltov is, but this lineup looks like it'll have its work cut out for it. Can't see them sweeping the singles against anyone's top two. Begmann has been average at best this year.


Peter Rothe somehow seems to be a "love him or hate him" type of guy. I'm in the first category, he was always fun to deal with when I was with the Mob Squad. He's been chasing after that Sectionals berth for years, and this year it really appears to be wide open. He'll need some iron-man performances out of Neil Carpenter. Not sure how much juice he still has in the tank, but Ssshhhwing will need every ounce of it.

Singles: Carpenter, Ramirez

Doubles: Rothe/Judson, Lindloff/Kim, Hall/Weinholtz

Unlike some other teams, this one has a lot of interchangeable parts. I won't be surprised if their lineup changes each time. Lindloff and Patterson have both been effective this year in singles as well, and may shoulder some of that load, though they'll be underdogs against most of the first line singles guys in city playoffs.

At this point I still don't have a pick for second place. Hard to go against Kingwood's experience though.


  1. When does the objective 4.0 preview come out?

  2. As soon as you write it. :)

    I'm not objective on 4.5, how do you expect me to be objective on 4.0?

    Definitely nothing on 4.0 at least until the flight information is released.

  3. Any final feedback on the Chancellors - Smokers match?

    When I left, Chancellors had secured the needed two lines to solidify a 2nd place finish.

    How did the other 3 lines fare?

    So the 8 teams for 4.0 are locked in, but does anyone know the format?

  4. Hey Chris, How would you rank the 4.0 teams? Obviously SAP is the 3rd best team.

  5. Who was playing singles for Chancellor's last nite?

  6. does Sienna 4.0 have a chance ? who 4.0 in the playoff ??

  7. Were ID's checked for the Asian 4.0 match?

  8. If SAP IS 3rd best then they won't be at Sectionals Right?? I really don't want the play by play from Towle.

  9. What two teams are better than SAP? They been killing people.

    Come on Towle. Step up to da plate.

  10. They are all cousins aren't they? No id's checked...

  11. you old elitist snobs need to focus on the playoffs playing in the heat...stop using what a couple of individuals have done wrong in the past as an excuse to keep flaming an entire group of ppl

    for those who can't read between the lines, some old white men need to stop taking their grudge out on all asian's been 40 years since that behavior was excusable for you guys!

  12. I just think there will be 8 solid teams out there in 4.0 this year. HTA did a good job gerrymandering the divisions to spread the talent around to get the best mix of talent out there.

    Let's just go play and see what happens. Too many unknowns for promises and predictions.

  13. Way to go out on a limb there Towle.

  14. Thanks anonymous. I will be running for office in November and will be looking for your support ;)

  15. It looks like the 4.0 flights are up on tennis link.

    Flight One

    Bear Creek

    Flight Two

    Lost Forest

    Good luck gentlemen.

  16. Once again 3.5 gets no love on the new system....they are still playing the two groups of 3 format.

    4.5 scheduling is great. The last match is Kingwood v. Hurricane. They should all be good ones, but this one looks most interesting.

  17. I'll have to give the HTA kudos on the 4.5 playoff format and scheduling. It should be an exciting 2 weeks.