Friday, July 17, 2009


Sorry...don't want to derail discussion of last night's matches, but we've got some good stuff coming up tomorrow.

4.0 Matches

Copperfield vs. Hurricanes

The Hurricanes are not the juggernaut I thought they might be. Powerhouse teams sweep the singles with regularity, and this team has not shown that ability against top flight competition. They faltered in both Sienna matches as well as their first playoff match. Copperfield's singles appear solid but unspectacular. If Copperfield manages to split the singles, I rate them a favorite to win. Freeman will have to get Inting into the lineup...will he make his league singles debut or will he anchor the doubles lineup?

Chancellor's vs. Lost Forest

Lost Forest should be little more than a speed bump for Chancellor's on their way to a huge match with the Hurricanes on Sunday. Danny Do has been a huge addition for the Ace Kings. Lost Forest lacks the talent to take out Chancellor's but can make a few lines interesting. Getting Ace Melchor in the lineup will help.

Bear Creek vs. Sienna

Both of these teams are still in the hunt, despite losing their first match. A win here, preferably by a sizeable margin, is a necessity. I think my understanding of the disqualification rules is sorely lacking, so perhaps someone can educate me if possible. According to tennis link Dolsberry was disqualified but his match has not been awarded to Bear Creek. Why is this? It could potentially make a huge difference when all is said and done. I'll be interested to see what lineup Sienna puts out there for this one.

SAP vs. Lakeside

This is the headliner, with the winner holding a huge edge for a Sectionals berth. Grego was impressive for SAP last Thursday. Will Castellano or Urbina move into Dolsberry's singles slot?
I expect Towle/Urban and Kray/Sontag will again be out there for SAP. Will Osorio grind out a win in the heat? We'll see if the Dolsberry DQ makes the difference...this one should be close.

4.5 Matches

Kingwood vs. Deucebags

A big match for Alain's team, and somewhat meaningless for Kingwood. You might see Chantz or Hai or Phi in the singles lineup here. All are capable playes who might want to get some playoff action in the singles. In theory, Kingwood is still in the hunt, and could potentially benefit from the Hurricanes having clinched by the time they meet them at the end of the weekend. Still, I expect Kingwood will work some folks into the lineup here. The Deucebags doubles were not impressive last night and wll need to be better if they expect to advance.

Ssshhhwings vs. Black Sheep

A big match for the Black Sheep. Captain Ristau has been unpredictable with his lineups, and has made some effective moves. Alzate has shown that Tommy doesn't need to put his two "big guns" in singles. Patterson continues to be solid for Rothe, though he hasn't beaten any heavyweights. Carpenter vs. Bradley would be a headliner. As a total aside...what happened to Justin Benoit this year?

Hurricanes vs. Copperfield

Freeman/Benzon's crew has a lot of leeway in this one. Robins/Letan will provide a nice match for somebody, but I would expect some people to get worked into the Hurricane lineup in this one. Might we see some "score managing"? With mid-year ratings out, NTRP's are on everyone's mind right now. I'll be the first to admit I'd avoid dealing a blowout if I were ever in position to deal one...but with my strokes a blowout win is never a possibility.


  1. Rain, rain go away, come back another day!

    Looks like it will be more than splatter coming this weekend. It may be worst if playoff is postpone to next weekend; where most ppl probably be out on vacation.

  2. No kidding on the rain.

    I think the Lakeside win was originally 4-1 and now it is 3-2 right?

    I am not looking at it right now.

  3. prediction. Bradley beats Carpenter.

  4. It's still says 4-1, does HTA need to go back to make the score correction? Or is it like the MXD rules where all his completed matches stand and going forward he is DQ?

  5. Unless some of the 4.0 teams have double players that have the same caliber as the 4.5 doubles last night. Then the no-add scoring really favor the double team that have strong mental toughness or the better returner.

  6. bradley will destroy carpenter

  7. glad to see that the Black Sheep are finally talking some trash! =)

  8. Justin Benoit was transferred to the New Orleans area for work.

  9. Bradley can't win all 5 lines.

  10. What time are the 4.0 and 4.5 mens matches tomorrow at LLTC? I might check out the action.



  13. Mine is an actual site. Your just goes to some domain squatter that wants to sell me viagra and a car warranty.

  14. Bradley doesn't have to win all 5 lines. WS has other good players. Their problem is depth. They can't sweep anyone but they can certainly win 3 lines from the teams they have left IF they continue to be smart with lineups.

    That being said, Ssshhhwings 3-2 over blacksheep

  15. If Bradley/Lacy play singles they are up 2-0 IMO. Question is where to they get the 3rd line needed to win the team match. They can't roll the dice and hope for the right match up. Ristau may be the one that has to step up once again.

  16. Lacy was exposed as a singles player in playoffs. His win against Phan doesnt look so good now.

  17. Exposed?? He lost to Puma. Don't a lot of people lose to Puma?

  18. puma's playing some great tennis. definitely a tough cat

  19. To 1:25, your website failed. Try this website instead

    Now, anyone want to let us know when the times are? Hopefully, not everyone has the brain capacity of 1:25.

  20. Now that's a great way to get the response you're looking for.

  21. You guys crack me up. That was funny.

    Here is one of the 4.0 brackets:

    Here is the 4.5:

    From 1230p and on tomorrow.

  22. for all you morons out there, you have to click on "match summary" for the actual times if you are going to use Chris' link for the 4.5s

  23. The dumbass will rule the world. Oh wait -- "THAT is currently happening right now."

    Yes WE CAN!

    - Underdogs teams in 4.0 and 4.5
    Future LLTC-FEMA 4.0 and LLTC-FEMA 4.5

    Okay - can somebody finish the punchline?

  24. "I Got my A$$ kicked in Chinatown!"

  25. SAP took 4 lines against Bear Creek, with one singles still on.

    Chancellors is down 2-1 against Hurricanes with 2 lines still on.

    CuField is up on LF and got a forfeit because Tanner Garth showed up late. Let's hope that forfeit doesn't decide the winner.

    Should be an interesting next 60 minutes.