Thursday, July 16, 2009

Early Action

I stopped by just for the beginning of the evening. League legends were abound: Jimmy Kilshaw, Allen Teague, Red Benzon, Phong Regent, Cheryl and Diana and so many others who have been mainstays of league tennis for years.

The singles matchups:

Hasker v. Omon
Pumma v. Daniel Morales
Carpenter v. Holmes
Patterson v. Lubrano
Hansen v. Q. Bui
Rios v. Alzate

Doubles Matchup (line 1 at 7)

Phan/Phan v. Ristau/Dimitrijevic
Odion/Burrmann v. Dugas/Dugas
Robins/Letan v. Rothe/Giordanelli

Omon and Hasker were on serve when I left, as was the Phan/Phan doubles match. Didn't get any other scores.


  1. Ristau's strategy was the most interesting. I don't know if he split Lacy and Bradley up for lines 2 and 3 doubles, but he's certainly rolling the dice. Can they pull out one (or even two?) of the singles?

  2. HH who won and who lost the big matches?

  3. Kind of a stunner: Kingwood has lost. Alzate beat Rios, Phan and Phan lost to Ristau and Dimitrijevic and Minh Nguyen and Chantz lost to Bradley and Shaw. Hurricanes up 4-0, and Ssshhhwing up 2-1 as Patterson and Carpenter won in straight sets. Anyone who was writing off Neil Carpenter needs to think again. Robins/Letan came back from down 7-1 in the third set breaker to keep the team's hopes alive.

  4. Who would have thunk it Kingwood 0-2 and all but eliminated from the playoffs. I wonder if they will play the rest of their matches?

  5. They need to play or there needs to be some kind of 'FU' punishment for the team next year.

    I am in the middle of a RR forfeit BS thing in league and it is not fair if they start forfeiting.

  6. Ssshhhwings won. I think Hall and Judson won the third line for them.

  7. Kingwood had 3 things going for it. Jimmy as captain and Dibua and Dibua as players. Their all gone now and the team sucks.

  8. There are a lot of weak singles players in that list. Houston 4.5 league is not very good this year.

  9. Just looked up someone's predicted order of finish for 4.5.

    1. Hurricanes (4-1)
    2. Kingwood (3-2)
    3. Deucebags (2-3)
    4. Westside (2-3)
    5. Copperfield (2-3)
    6. Swing (2-3)

    Now after 2 matches what is the predicted order of finish? I'm guessing Kingwood is not going to finish #2.
    1)Canes (5-0)
    2)Deucebags (3-2)
    3)Schwinnnnggg (3-2)
    4)Kingwood (2-3)
    5)Black Sheep (2-3)
    6)Copperfield (0-5)

  10. Hey Folks, how about a shout out to HTA for making the playoffs interesting?

    IMHO they have done a good job with the flights and the playoffs this year.

    Give them some feedback that at least it is interesting and there is some drama....

  11. Ristau looked like a genius tonight. Alzate won a tough one and they prolly could've swept the doubles from what I saw. Great job from Tom!

  12. Shout out to HTA. 4.5 is more intersting than 4.0 (yawn yawn yawn)

  13. Black Sheep - Crush came down to Alzate/Rios on 1S. It took 3 TB's. Tito hung in down a set and 2 5 and faced a match point.

    Both guys battled hard.

    Gotta Love City

  14. that tito and rios match was a marathon. probably the longest league match ever played. both guys are cool dudes. unfortunately someone had to take the lost.

  15. My prediction is for 2nd place in mens 4.5s: its all going to come down to that 5:00pm match on Sunday between the Ssshhhwwwings and the Deucebags for all the marbles.

  16. I'll predict that Carpenter beats Hasker if they match up on Sunday. He's rounding into form.

  17. You guys crack me up.

    Here is one of the 4.0 brackets:

    Here is the 4.5:

    From 1230p and on tomorrow.