Friday, June 18, 2010

I like drama.

It looks like there are gonna' be some meaningful matches in the season's final week.

SAP played its best match of the season in crushing the first place Phoenix 5-0 last night. With the Acers' 4-1 win (finally using top player David Romero in singles) they sit atop the standings at 6-1, 25-10. Phoenix are 6-1, 24-11, SAP 5-2, 24-11. If Double Trouble swept Wilchester last night they'd be 5-2, 23-12. The Phoenix have only a makeup with 0-6 Wilchester remaining. An Acers stumble against the Good Guys could leave the door open for next week's SAP/Double Trouble winner.

The Hurricanes III beat Copperfield 4-1 last night. Sarosh Ahmed won the battle of Hurricane 4.0 alums at #1 singles, beating Ricardo Martinez 4 and 4. Interestingly, Captain Letan has not paired himself with longtime partner Bryan Robins since week two. Since then, Letan is 1-3 and Robins is 1-2. Together they'd gone 8-3 in regular season matches going back to 2006.

Assuming Copperfield posts a win in their makeup match with Lost Forest, both they and Wesheimer Indoors will be 5-2 and their final meeting on Thursday will be winner-take-all.

Finally, the Ball Busters took three third set tiebreakers in doubles last night to sweep Chancellor's. With matches still remaining to be made up and/or posted from last night, the Deucebags are 5-1, BallBusters 5-2 and Katy Coaches 4-2 heading into the final matchup between the Coaches and D-Bags. James Weaver and Trip Norkus paired up for another victory last night as the Coaches snuck past Ssshhhwings. Beau McBeth manned the number one singles spot for the Coaches, sneaking past 4.0 rated Kyle Webb in the third set.

The second place spot in the Hurricanes' 4.0 division is still up in the air as well.


  1. nice summary htown hacker!
    two matches next week; win or wait next year.

    - copperfield vs titans and coaches vs duecebags. will there be two new teams coming to playoffs? i think titans are favored. duecebags have been walking on a thin line all season and their luck might run out. can't wait!!!

  2. P.S. I was surprised to see 4.0 Boris Barrios win so easily (or even play) yesterday in light of all the recent DQ's. Hopefully Cinco won't receive any bad news early next week.

  3. He was the deciding match in 2 3-2 wins. I bet Lance is crossing his fingers and praying to the red flag Gods.

  4. Is this the same Boris that plays in College for the Heartland conference?

  5. Oops. I didn't mean to "out" him...I hadn't googled him. There have been many illegal players whose names I haven't mentioned because it's not my place to play league policeman. I mentioned Barrios only because his results seemed to make him vulnerable to three strikes.

  6. it's not "outing" him. His record is very impressive, which raised flags. he self rated in August 2009 and blew away Vijay/Ken...a very formidable team. Just curious. It seems like he played at St. Edwards


  8. Looks like a 4.0 player to me.

  9. The Duecebags will beat the Katy Coaches next week, maybe 4-1. I saw the SSsswwwwinng vs. Coaches last night, and SSSwwwing brought a weaker line up and a bunch of out of shape players, and they still almost won. Ssswwwinng packed it in a few weeks ago.

  10. Interesting note on Lakeside-Deucebags match. Lakeside split Vu and Zachary up in doubles. Vu won at line #1 and Zachary lost at line #2. Results, not strokes count.

  11. Unless something changes, I'm predicting that there will be 3 wild cards handed out around the state for 4.5 sectionals. Taking a look, I come up with 12 cities that have at least a 3 team league plus the QT team. To round it out to 16 teams, I would think 3 wild cards will be needed. Kinda makes the end of some seasons more exciting. There are, however, a few asterics that need to be watched. Follow me here. If you check the current leagues in the cities, the following 12 have the required 3 plus teams needed to get the automatic place at sectionals:
    1) Amarillo
    2) Austin
    3) Corpus
    4) FW
    5) Hou
    6) NETX ****
    7) NOHO- boo
    8) SAT
    9) SETX
    10) Valley
    11) Waco
    12) Dallas
    13) QT- probably Abilene

    The guessing comes in on the NETX team. 3 teams are listed but one of the 3 hasn't played a match yet. They have a full roster so I am assuming these matches will be played in the future.

    The second assumption is that all teams listed above send a team to Sectionals. This has not always occurred in the past. A year or two ago, for example, the Valley was unable to send a team. I think that was mostly due to problems related to a huricane. From the above list, Amarillo is a newish or not often entry but they did have a 3 team league.

    If form holds true to the above, the fights for second and maybe even third place in some instances could be exciting. Every line or game won could be important.

    If I remember correctly, names are drawn out of a hat for Wild Cards and the number of lots a city receives in the hat comes from the number of teams in that city's league. If I recall right, a city gets 1 lot per every 6 teams a league has. Someone might recall better than I if I am close on that.

    Drawings for the wild card spots should be coming in about 3 weeks or so.

  12. Zachary looks tired to me, I think those juniors at Lakeside are kicking his ass! LOL

  13. zachary is 5-1, and the only lost went to third set tie-breaker. this blog is a tough crowd to please. lol

  14. The Coaches suck.

  15. You might want to check and see if that is Boris' dad, before everyone get's too excited...

  16. what the heck is wrong with the coaches? why did cooper play doubles? cooper in singles would have been a sure win against schwings

  17. I will take Zachary as a partner and you can pick any 4.5 from anywhere!

  18. The one Zachary "loss" was not a real loss. Let's just put it that way.

  19. H-Town Hacker what are your thoughts?

    Top 15 (4.5) Houston Doubles Teams over the past 5 years:

    1. Armstrong-Hurlbert
    2. Burrmann-Day
    3. Hurlbert- and anyone else
    4. Bobo-Whitsett
    5. Burrmann-Dibua
    6. Green-Dibua
    7. Valentine-Wright
    8. Mills-Vernon
    9. Sumrall-Tam
    10. Regent-Li
    11. Bobo-Benzon
    12. Green-Benzon
    13. Huffman-Ballesteros
    14. Wright-Pekar
    15. So many... You pick 'em

    Top 15 (4.5) Singles Players over the past 5 years.
    1. Willy Lock
    2. Arun Nanjappa
    3. David Wanja
    4. Billy Heim
    5. Oman Dibua
    6. Neil Carpenter
    7. Aadrian Hasker
    8. David Bzunzwaba
    9. Ted Phoummarath
    10. Tim Green
    11. Gary Armstrong
    11. Odion Dibua
    13. Bharath Gururaj
    14. Tor Krosby
    15. Jody Deluca

    Most of these guys are tearing up the 5.0 field now. Who are next wave of 4.5 Super-stars to watch at Citywide & Sectionals that will be bumped to 5.0?
    And who will be advancing to Sectionals in 4.0, 4.5, & 5.0?

  20. left out Chance Morgan in singles from 06 Nationals Team. He would be #1 or #2

  21. Get your facts straight. Morgan wasn't even on the 2006 National team.

    BTW nice post Craig at 11:30

  22. Hey Numbers guy,

    Can you produce a list of the top 10 doubles teams this season for both male & female at the 4.0 and 4.5 levels? Also, if you could email me the spreadsheets when you are done, that would be GREATLY appreciated.


  23. Funny this about Lakeside is they haven't even shoed their real line up yet this season.

  24. They will not win without Connell being here for playoffs.

  25. How can you arbritarely determine the top 10 teams or individuals for a season when they're scattered in different divisions? Sure some have history from past seasons, however it's still all opinion, not statistic-driven. Unless you rank every single person/team and base win/loss points from this.

  26. Regular season records are worthless for determining who the top doubles are. You could probably find out by asking the captains but then again, they tend not to know that much either.

    Most of the top dubs teams should be in the city playoffs. We'll find out then. Maybe.

  27. Another DQ just hit the system. Tim Copeland for 4.0 Columbia Lakes. The computer is merciless.

    Lance - I can send you the top records for 4.0 and 4.5 men, but I haven't been tracking the women. And as previous posters have said, determining the "top" teams is more complex so I'll leave that to you.

  28. Why is Jody DeLuca on the singles list? Who did he ever beat in singles?

  29. There was also a DQ in 3.5 which basically knocked a team out of the playoffs.

    Whoever did that list knows his stuff. The singles list looks pretty good. Carpenter ahead of Hasker I might disagree with. I think Aadrian's performance at Sectionals last year should move him up some.

    I'd remove David B. entirely...I don't believe he ever won a Houston USTA singles match locally or even in city playoffs and was a huge disappointment at Sectionals last year. He won a grand total of one singles match (Hilderbrand at Sectionals in 2007), so I say dump him from the list.

    Not so sure about Jody on the list. I'd put two of my other former teammates on the list ahead of him: Steve Phan and Rodrigo Gonzales. Both of them did their best work more than five years ago, but still are in the top 15 in the last 5 years in my opinion.

    I like the Green ranking. He will be the first to (sincerely?) downplay his singles ability, but I always wanted to see how he'd do if relied upon in singles. I tried many times to get him and Pumma to play some practice matches last year but they never got it done.

    I don't know how good Bharath is...saw him play only once in a blowout win, but he's the only active (in Houston 4.5 league) player on the list other than Lock. Talent is low this year.

    Doubles list is a lot tougher, though number one is a given.

  30. No Hung Nguyen or Peter Borkop ??? Deucebags Baby !1!!1!!

  31. Lance - TOP Ten Mens 4.5 Doubles

    1. wright/connell
    2. weaver/norkus
    3. li/regent
    4. davila/decolina
    5. wright/tellez
    6. vu/huynh
    7. decolina/luna
    8. day/burrman
    9. ballesteros/teague
    10. thrower/lubrano

  32. Thrower and Lubrano in top 10? They haven't even played #1 doubles on their own team. They're 4-2 on Thursday nights. They might be good, but not top 10 good.

  33. Same goes for Ballessteros/Teague - I'm not sure they are even top 3 on their own team. They are solid but not top 10.

    Most of the combinations above have only 1-2 matches played together this year and almost all of those matches were against scrubs. Also, there seems to be a major Division I bias on this list as 5 of the top 10 come from division I and 3 of top 6 from Lakeside. All of these teams are nice teams but only BurrmanDay and Wright/Connell deserve to be considered "top" 4.5 doubles teams in Houston.

  34. So let's hear your list then.

  35. 1. Connell/Wright
    2. Burmman/Day
    3. Summrall/Dibua
    4. Zachary/Vu
    5. Tran/Dugas
    6. Chambert/Gururaj
    7. Moss/Lacy
    8. Huffman/Ballesteros

  36. Jim Wooten injured in Tyler over the weekend. Out for the playoffs?

    Emmett McCool of Hurricanes is a player.

  37. What about 4.0 dubs?

  38. Could someone put together a list of this year's top 4.0 singles and doubles players?

  39. I'll throw out some names...not a ranking, just competent singles players off the top of my head. I'm sure I've missed/forgotten several.


    I've only played with four of them and some of the others I haven't seen play so this list is very sketchy.

  40. You've played with them? Wow!

  41. The Coaches beat the Dudes setting up a chance for a 3 way tie. Things could get interesting.

  42. flight 1 is going to be crazy

    -if coaches beat duecebags 3-2, then they will have 25 ind. wins and 15 losses.
    - if duecebags lose 2-3, they will need to sweep lakeside estates 5-0, to be tied 25 wins, 15 losses.
    - gtac can take it all, but they will need coaches to win and then they will need to sweep lakeside estates and be 26 wins and 14 losses

  43. Deuce Bags match with Lakeside Estates is completed already, correct?

  44. drama is for your mama :-)

  45. D-Bags and Lakeside should have played last Thursday, but the scores are not posted.

  46. D-Bags played Lakeside not Lakeside Estates.

  47. Dude, they played both team. Lakeside estates last Thursday.

  48. Deuce Bags Deuce Bags Deuce Bags ALL THE WAY TO NATIONALS, That Tran is Whodinni, he can pull out some tricks and just outsmart anybody that thinks they can play tennis. NOBODY IS CLOSE TO THIS GUY, UNTOUCHABLE