Thursday, June 3, 2010

The 4.0 Playoff Landscape

As far as I know, there has been no official announcement regarding the playoff format this year. I think most people are assuming that the 4.5 City Wide Championships will be in a round robin format since last year seemed to be such a success.

4.0 is a different animal. In most years there are two teams who qualify for Sectionals in 4.0. Jason Freeman's team lost a match in pool play in his first year as a 4.0 captain in 2005. They've not lost one since. I have no idea just how good his team is this year, but based on history, they'd have to be considered a favorite. If I were an opposing captain I'd do everything in my power to avoid the Hurricanes' pool.

I personally feel that the playoff format and brackets should be announced prior to the season. I assume that they are not announced early in order to avoid teams losing intentionally in order to better position themselves. In the coming weeks we have Sienna vs. Chancellor's, SAP vs. Phoenix, the two Cinco Ranch teams playing each other, and Lakeside vs. Gleannloch. In most cases those teams are assured of playoff spots. The question is, do they have any incentive to win those matches?

How should the HTA group teams? If the Hurricanes are truly head and shoulders above the rest, should the (perceived) second, third and fourth best teams all be placed in the other bracket? Technically, I suppose, teams seeded 2 and 3 should be in one grouping and those seeded 1 and 4 in another. If the season ended today, I would have to say that the Hurricanes would be #1, Sienna #2, Phoenix/SAP winner #3, Cinco winner #4 and Lakeside/Gleannloch #5.

By virtue of their loss, Lakeside will probably either be placed in the Hurricanes' bracket or have to get past two heavyweights to win their pool, as I don't think you can seed them ahead of any undefeated teams at this point.


  1. In CWP for 4.0; will there be two teams from each division to form two brackets for playoff; or will it follows the 4.5 format and winner of each division play round robin in CWP?

  2. Nobody knows. HTA should announce things. I remember Siena got screwed a few years ago in 4.0 by ending up in Hurricane's group when they were second best team.

  3. I have a guy I work with who live in Sienna. He played in HS and used to teach too. He's very athletic so I would guess he's a good player. Based on all that I'd say he's probably a slightly above average 4.0 (good 4.5 on a good day) player right now but will tip the scale with a little bit of playing time. Does anyone have names of guys that he could hit with out at Sienna?

  4. Freeman has already speed dialed Betsy to get the guy on his 2.5 team.

    Seriously, contact Donn Nguyen, the Sienna 4.0 captain. He knows everybody who plays down there.

  5. By not announcing the format, HTA forces every team in contention to continue to play. If play offs goes to a round robin format then all questions will be answered. If HTA decides on pool play, then HTA should seed the teams and divide accordingly. Seeds would determined by regular season records.

  6. I think the 4.0 playoffs are too watered down anyway. It would be nice to have the 5 winners and maybe 1 wild card team to have a 6 team round robin just like the 4.5s. This way, there won't be a penalty for being stuck in the same pool with the Hurricanes since each team will have to play them and teams can be shooting for lines instead of a team win. It would make things much more fun.

    Plus, how many divisions have a 2nd place team that is truly good enough to be in the playoffs. Also, the only division that seems to be already decided is Division IV with the Hurricanes, the other 4 divisions can battle it out making the last couple weeks interesting.

  7. I agree with the @2:03 proposal, actually.

    Most or all of the second place teams are dreck. If they go to that system they should take more care in constructing the divisions initially though. Put the perennially good teams/captains in different divisions. We all know who they are. Sienna and Chancellor's should be separate, for instance.

  8. It looks like they did that this year. The top teams/captains were all separated. The only division that is close is Sienna and Chancellors but I wouldn't say Sienna is really deserving of a division to themselves as the other teams have all proven themselves with the exception being the far west division (nobody wants to drive out there).

  9. I think the issue of having RR in the 4.0 and 3.5 division is a slippery slope and number of matches required and cost. They do it in the 4.5 b/c at this level there are total fewer teams and so the RR made sense versus having two 3 teams of pool play (which was format pre 2k9). In 4.0 and 3.5 it means more total matches and would cost more $$ to host and then you would also have the women wanting equality as well and costs would spiral and chaos would ensue.....

  10. Well, if the $$$ was the issue then the HTA should not have created 5 divisions. It seems like they have 2 choices, either have 2 pools of 5 teams with the winners of each playing in the final or have the 5 division winners (and possibly 1 wild card) playing in a single round robin. In my opinion it would be ridiculous to have only 5 teams in the playoffs when there are 37 4.0 teams and the 4.5s get 6 teams in the playoffs and they only have 19 teams.

  11. Last year the 4.5 teams paid the court fees for their first round or two. I think those matches were actually home and away. This could be done for the 4.0s and/or women as well. This is no extra $ for the HTA, just start the playoffs a Thursday or two earlier than the weekend championships and make the teams pay the fees, they won't mind.

  12. What was the results from Deucebags vs. Lakeside?

  13. lakeside and deucebag match did not matter. both teams were there for fun and recreation.

  14. did anyone play last night?

  15. Sienna over Chancellors 3-2

  16. Matches at LLTC went on just fine. Small hiccup at 8:30 with a quick sprinkle but courts dried fast after that. Most matches were done by then anyway.

  17. Not all matches completed at MPTC, pretty wet at 9:15. Rain make-ups will be pending.

  18. Lakeside way up in the match
    Won two lines and up on the other three

  19. Both teams played the scrubs tho

  20. Anyone notice Tim and Red's favorite 4.5 player Chance Morgan has just shown up in the San Antonio league?

  21. He didn't just show up. He's been on the roster for 2-3 months.

  22. I noticed that too. Does he even live in Houston any more. I heard he was in California.

  23. Chance Morgan hasn't even played a match for San Antonio Torres. He may be good , but he still has to show up. Team Torres got crushed by Team Miller 4-1 this past weekend. Looks like Team Miller has a Stacked squad and will be the team to beat going into Sectionals.

  24. this week's 4.5 matchup:

    - coaches vs gtac- coaches will need to win to keep their hopes alive. even with a lost, they can still make the playoffs if they beat schwings and duecebags. it will come down to matches won after that. coaches win 3-2

    - canes II vs nwo- the canes can pretty much knock out nwo of the playoffs with a win. canes win 3-2

    - canes I vs titans- titans will take control of first place with a win, but will need help from their singles. maybe play ford at line 2 singles. titans win 3-2

  25. NWO 4 Canes II 1 - enough said!

  26. NWO 4- Canes II 1?! Are you kidding. They have not even put out their best lineup vs anyone yet and you know there is always a "guest star" going to be available. Not sure what the poster is drinkin' but it must be stout!

  27. Westheimer Indoor and Canes III is a must win for both teams, because Copperfield will be either 1st or 2nd in that flight. Westheimer needs to take one of the singles line in order to have a chance at a win, because Burmann/Day are almost unbeatable.

  28. - copperfield to playoffs is not a done deal. titans have have an edge in singles players in ford and jim. canes have and edge with bharath, but the rest of the crew chambert, narajos, and ahmed will fall to mcmullan, martinez in the #2 singles.

  29. just by current records and observation, top 20 singles in order:
    1. lock
    2. bharath
    3. bui
    4. borkop
    5. ford
    6. h.nguyen
    7. moser
    8. hess
    9. jim
    10. kent
    11. davila
    12. murray
    13. cooper
    14. alzate
    15. callaway
    16. martinez
    17. guy
    18. narajos
    19. li
    20. mccool

    should be a great playoff

  30. Who are the top doubles?

  31. Wow Zachary was nationally ranked in the 30's and doesn't even make the list

  32. Connell either...truly stupid

  33. I would pound bharath

  34. That's what...he said?

  35. singles record
    1. lock 3-0
    2. bharath 2-0
    3. bui 5-0
    4. borkop 3-0
    5. ford 4-1
    6. h.nguyen 2-0
    7. moser 3-1
    8. hess 3-1
    9. jim 3-0
    10. kent 0-0
    11. davila 4-0
    12. fonseca 1-0
    13. cooper 3-1
    14. alzate 2-1
    15. callaway 3-1
    16. martinez 3-0
    17. guy 1-0
    18. narajos 1-1
    19. li 1-0
    20. mccool 1-1