Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hitting the home stretch

Only a couple of results have trickled in from last week's rain-outs. In 4.0, SAP lost its first match, a 4-1 setback to the Breakers. They still have the first place Phoenix on the schedule and two teams with just two losses in the division, so they must be very careful henceforth.

Westheimer Indoor has entered the inevitable 5-0 victory against Lost Forest from a few weeks back and is now atop the contentious 4.5 division III. They have a huge matchup with the Hurricanes this week before finishing up with Copperfield. It's a tough schedule, but they control their own destiny and Ken Douds has fashioned a formidable roster. The Hurricanes have two new names on their roster this week in Beaumont's Daniel Dupelchin and Robert Plummer, who is generally seen in mixed. The Hurricanes have Lost Forest and Copperfield on their schedule. It appears that every line may be vital for all three contenders.

In 4.5 D2, No Way Out and the other Hurricane team battle this week. Creed Abell has been solid for NWO in singles thus far, as Hal Hale and Corbin Cooke have been used only one time combined in singles for NWO. The Hurricanes have used a revolving door of singles players thus far, but swept NWO in their last matchup. Michael Chec is a nice addition this week for the 'Canes.

There's really not too much of interest going on in 4.0 or 5.0 right now.

In news across the state, perennial contender Austin Wild has lost another player to disqualification. Former Nevada-Reno player Jeff Ruedy was protested and dq'd this week. Captain Mike Davis has been snakebit in recent years, losing John Swords earlier this year and Jeremiah McMillan in 2008 and Bo Bowman in 2007.

P.S. I love the top 20 singles list someone posted (of course I don't totally agree with every selection, but it looks pretty well thought out).


  1. after last weeks lost can alain tran come up with a lineup that can win or will he play his buddies again,too bad a very good team with a rookie captain

  2. Alain is not a rookie captain...he did take his team to Sectionals last year.

    Sometimes lineups may look strange to outsiders, but we have no idea who is available and healthy.

    If Mack Brown wins the recruiting battles every year, it can often counteract Greg Davis' questionable play calling. In other words, there are many facets to captaining, and the bottom line is: how far do you advance? Only one captain did better than Alain last year.

  3. last weeks match between duecebags and lakeside had little to no impact on their playoff run. both teams played players who wanted to play and needed to play

  4. greg, hows the 4.0 team doing,way to sandbagmaybe you can get jannuzi for next year since he is playing like a 4.0

  5. 1. wright/connell
    2. weaver/norkus
    3. li/regent
    4. davila/decolina
    5. wright/tellez
    6. vu/huynh
    7. decolina/luna
    8. day/burrman
    9. ballesteros/teague
    10. thrower/lubrano
    11. lacy/waithe
    12. tran/dugas
    13. chambert/regent
    14. vu/zachary
    15. prizler/nedwed
    16. huynh/nguyen
    17. ballesteros/huffman
    18. tran/Quach
    19. morton/guy
    20. ristau/Dimitrijevic

    **guys that would matchup with any partner and win: bharath, davila, wright, tran, vu, li, regent, chambert

  6. top twenty dubs above

  7. Not even close.

  8. That list of doubles player is missing a lot of teams. Letan/Robbins/Adam Kent would easily be at the Top of that list.

  9. letan- 2 loses for this season
    robbins- 2 loses for this season
    kent- only played once at line2 dubs and won by 3rd set tie-breaker.

    - copperfield is always enjoyable to watch during playoffs. i would hate to see them miss out.
    copperfield vs titans, who's going to compete against ford and jim in singles. griffin is also an option and he's been posting great results. martinez is capable of beating jim and griffin.
    copperfield vs canes, cane's only sure line is bharath in #1 singles. However, canes have better dubs team.


  10. What about top 20 in singles now?

  11. Who is undefeated in singles?

  12. singles record
    1. lock 3-0
    2. bharath 2-0
    3. bui 5-0
    4. borkop 3-0
    5. ford 4-1
    6. h.nguyen 2-0
    7. moser 3-1
    8. hess 3-1
    9. jim 3-0
    10. kent 0-0
    11. davila 4-0
    12. fonseca 1-0
    13. cooper 3-1
    14. alzate 2-1
    15. callaway 3-1
    16. martinez 3-0
    17. guy 1-0
    18. narajos 1-1
    19. li 1-0
    20. mccool 1-1

  13. GO CANES II and III !
    Punch a ticket once again to the City playoffs!

  14. Watch out for the Valley 4.5 team. With huge ringers like Saiz, Sandoval, and Abdullah, they could really make a move at the state tournament.

  15. I think USTA should ask for proof of citizenship....

  16. And NOHO should also to make sure they don't live in Sugarland...

  17. Deucebags B squad squeaks out a 3-2 win.

  18. Doubles List way off!!
    1. Burrmann/Day - Top 4.5 Team in HTA
    2. wright/connell
    3. li/regent
    4. zachary/vu
    5. Weaver/Norkus - ?
    6. Ballesteros/Huffman
    7. A. Kent/?
    No... still not a good list. Missing a lot of players and combo's. Singles looks decent but still off.

    If you are including NOHO, then three of NOHO's Teams are in top 4 doubles: Odion/Burrmann, Sumrall/Benzon, Vernon/Mills

    BTW 10:48 poster - NOHO is not restricted to where you live in the area. It's another USTA League for anyone in Houston. HTA didn't want to have teams travel to Kingwood or to the Woodlands, so they develop another league, but you don't have to reside in those areas to play on one of those teams.

  19. They don't need an entire league of their own, that's like creating a WEHO for Sienna and Pecan Grove. Just group those teams together when the brackets are drawn, and let them compete in city playoffs for Sectionals with everyone else. What a scam.

  20. NoHo is a separate city where Sectionals is concerned just like Ft Worth is to Dallas.

  21. Who drives all the way from Sugar Land to play NOHO?

  22. Sure NOHO is separate. However, it is because HTA won't allow these clubs to compete in their league without finding a home court closer in to the city. These clubs have tried for years to get HTA to allow them in. They could play out of a park like some choose to, but not everyone is that committed and up for the drives. Plus that's why they pay club dues... to play out of their club. Anyone in Houston can play HTA as well as NOHO. It's just 2 different Houston Leagues. Furthermore, NOHO has playoffs too when the divisions are big enough. Check out 3.0's, 3.5's, & 4.0's. We cannot discriminate against the NOHO 4.5 or 5.0 Divisions just because they aren't as big as they are in HTA yet. Stop whining and start winning.

  23. Ft. Worth has a separate CTA...does NoHo?