Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week 1 Predictions and Last Minute Roster Additions

So it looks like the big matches this week are:

4.0 - Sienna @ Hurricanes
4.5 - Duecebags @ Hurricanes
4.5 - Hurricanes2 @ Kingwood

It looks like Freeman has his plate full today. With two key matches at LLTC tonight and one at Mem Park I am sure he will have his agents feverishly texting him updates on a point by point basis.

Also it will be interesting to see how the Freeman "B" squad does against the former powerhouse known as Kingwood. That B team looks to be the same core that went to nationals in 2007 and have the capability to do well this year.

Jason, make sure you have that unlimited SMS plan.....

Last minute roster additions:

Our very own Greg Dwyer has signed up for Freeman's 4.0 team. With only 1o people on the roster, they are a business trip or injury away from forfeiting a line. Need to get out and get some people Freeman!

On the other hand Sienna's 4.0 roster now has 25 people on it. I suppose that is one way to beat the competition.... sign up everyone in your area code for your team and there will be no one left to play against you. WTF?

Good luck to all and let the smack talking begin.


  1. I pick the Hurricanes to go 0-3 tonight. The dynasty is OVER.

  2. Hurricane 5.0 and 4.5 will win. 4.0 and 4.5 team 2 will get stomped.

  3. To be honest, I really didn't think it all the way through with having 3 teams. It sounded much easier before I actually had to do anything. It has been an interesting couple of days trying to align schedules, matches, court fees, playing times, HTA memberships, sign-ups, etc...for 3 teams (24 people in the line-up for 15 lines) and it really doesn't help when your opponents in each of your matches are really good.

    It should be fun. Good luck to all.

    Oh yeah, Greg, thanks for signing up more than an hour before your first match :)

  4. Does Freeman still live here? I thought he moved to DC. I would assume he's not running 3 Houston league teams from DC.

  5. Freeman is running the mother ship from DC.

  6. Don't they have tennis in DC?

  7. Is it me or are we a day off?

  8. Freeman you are a Legend thanks for all that you do

  9. I'm really looking forward to the singles matchups in the Deucebags/Hurricanes match. If the Deucebags have Hasker and Ryu playing singles against two of Dibua/Dibua/Phoummarath it could be some good stuff. Ryu went 3 with Omon twice in Omon 100 pct. recovered from the knee injury or will he be playing doubles? Former teammates Hasker and Phoummarath could have a good battle as well.

  10. Oh yeah...everyone make sure they've signed up for HTA to avoid the fiascos from recent years. And FYI: the old "sign up as a junior" trick no longer works. Or so I've heard.... :)