Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Look at 4.0 and 5.0

I haven't really looked at all of the rosters, and quite honestly don't know most of the players at the 4.0 level, but my impressions are that these are some of the teams to watch.

In Division I, the Copperheads look loaded.  They've added Bo Bassett and JJ Deleon to a team that was already quite talented.  I would expect them to take the division. Bear Creek has a lot of their talent back from a successful team last year.  Juan Pacheco will again be a tough out in singles. 

In Divsion II, the asians will probably dominate.  Chancellor's and the Smokers look to be the top two teams.  Chancellor's has added Bernie De La Torre and Danny Do in an attempt to replace their singles losses from last year.  Bernie has wins over Brian Robins, Robby Wolf, Wade Karel, Quach Bui, Jonathan Hao Nguyen and Mike Giordanelli  in the last 3 years and Do gives coworkers Jerry Pham, De la Torre and Phuong Le fits in their lunchtime battles.   The Smokers may have a healthy Duc Nguyen this year and added a new unknown in Khoi Bui.  

In Division III, there are three quality teams battling for two spots in the citywide playoffs.  JCC has a bunch of crafty older doubles guys in Joe Warren, Chuck Stasny and Harold Graham, among others.  They may not have the singles firepower that some other teams have, however. Sienna has emerged as a power in the last year or so, but I'll be honest, their roster is so damn big I don't know what to expect from them.   The Hurricanes seem to have a lot of guys who can play singles, but I'm still curious to see what their doubles lineup ends up looking like.  Almost everyone on the team had singles success at the "Coke", and Freeman will have his hands full trying to find a lineup.  Scott Foster looks to be the star after his success in 4.5 at the Gallery Furniture tournament.

SAP looks to be the class of Division IV, with the Rolido Boys looking to give them some competition.  Word on the street is that John Grego may be the top 4.0 player in the league, and he's fresh off a 2007 National Campus Championship team at Texas A&M.  The rest of the roster looks strong as well, headed by doubles specialists Chris Towle and Michael Tran.  

Red Benzon's 5.0 Hurricane team looks to be the class of the league at this point, although the rosters are still quite incomplete.  Former Longhorn Otis Sadler, Sean Straley, Brian Smith, John Kudrick and Jason Pieters are just some of the ridiculous talent assembled here.  They may get a singles test tonight in week one as I've heard that Westside's Eric Kruseman is a former Davis Cupper and will be tough for anyone to handle.  Hernan's Lost Forest team and the Met are usually in the hunt when all is said and done, and Willowfork may put together a nice roster as well.   


  1. Excuse me while I choke on my own spit. The only doubles I specialize in is a double quarter pounder from Mcdonald's =P. Thanks for the vote of confidence, unless my sarcasm meter is broken =P.

  2. i smell upset...

  3. The only thing you smell is the double quarter pounders seething through my system and YES it's quite upsetting.