Friday, April 10, 2009


I was just perusing the Coke results and noticed that Juan Trevino had a comfortable win against Sarosh.  Trevino was a solid player in the Bay area, and in fact advanced to league sectionals in the 5.0 division several years back where he played some singles.  

I'm not sure who exactly is running the league tennis show down in Sienna, but they are certainly doing a great job.  Aadrian Hasker switched over to the Deucebags team, but Sienna was very close to fielding a dangerous roster in its very first year at the 4.5 level.  The doubles lineup in 4.5 still looks unseasoned, though they've added Dale Lane, who was a solid player for Ssshwing several years back.   Sienna will probably take some lumps in 4.5 this year, but it appears things are moving in the right direction.  

In the 4.0 division Sienna has to be considered one of the favorites after raising some eyebrows last season and coming within a few points of a berth at Sectionals.   I was out at the Memorial Park today watching some of the 4.0 stuff...while there didn't look to be any undiscovered ringers out there, there were several players who could make contributions.  


  1. Freeman's team is going to wipe the court with Sienna

  2. Freeman's team lost last week to Sienna