Friday, August 1, 2008

What a day in 4.5....

I just got back from T Bar M watching the Noho 4.5 team squeak out another one, 3-2 over San Antonio with Red Benzon and Antoine Ford providing the clincher. Billy Heim has breezed through both matches and suprisingly NOHO hasn't missed Dave Wanja all that much. No word on whether he'll be making an appearance later in the weekend. Noho will have a big battle tomorrow with Fort Worth Wild for a berth on Sunday. Kudos to Noho for getting each of their traveling players in a match and still ending up 2-0.

Everyone at T Bar was talking about the stunning Kingwood loss to Waco. Waco showed their strength in the morning match against Corpus as one of their singles players took Maingot to three and the other had a resounding victory. Kingwood's singles lineup this weekend: Omon Dibua, Raymond Santiago, Phi Huynh and Glenn Wright. Even with their doubles you're playing with fire with that group in singles. But we all knew they were not that strong in singles, and it did end up costing them. Waco is better than people suspected: Luedtke and Rivera and Longacre have had tournament success, but most of their other guys were under the radar.

Dallas Branch and Abilene are both undefeated in the other 4.5 group. Dallas has 8 lines won, giving them a good shot at the Wild Card even if they fall to Abilene tomorrow. Jason Kern may continue his ascent from 4.0 right up to 5.0 next year with two impressive wins today.

Other notes: Anthony Tatu said his team was strong in singles and weak in doubles. He was right: 4-0 in singles and 0-6 in dubs. Marcos Valdez has been awesome... The Austin teams, historically the state's top 4.5 league, are a combined 0-4.

Doubles player Eric Strawbridge surprised some people by going 2-0 in singles today in the heat for AustinWild.


  1. Looks like so great drama set for tomorrow.
    HOU needs 5-0 dominating win and some help for the WC, such as WC Dallas squeaking by Waco 3-2 and losing sets in every match
    WC Dallas wins and they are in, unless Dallas loses to Abilene.
    NOHO/WC FTW will be a winner take all as the loser should be out of contention for SF WC.
    Abilene/Dallas is a win for sure in, although interesting scenario occurs if Dallas loses 3-2, they would move up and play Waco, while NOHO/WC FTW would then play Abilene.
    Who would be the better opponent?
    If WC Dallas wins against Waco they would play NOHO/WC FTW and then Waco would play more than likely play Abilene/Dallas winner.

    I believe the SF WC will come down to Sets won if Dallas defeats Abilene.

  2. Valentine ended up being not that good. Phi should move down to 4.0. Maybe Hai vu should stick to singles.

    Where was Lopez?

    Bobo and Whitset sucked today too. Barely beat Kevin Kramer who sucked when he lived here. Htown over-rated them.

  3. After watching the 4.5s today, I'm lucky to be a 4.5. And after watching the 5.0s, I'd have no chance. But I may get to see Hacker in 4.5s next year after the bagel and smear he delivered today. Well done. Looking forward to seeing the Dallas/Houston match tomorrow. Good luck.

  4. Anybody that watched Kern play the Morning Match Against FT Worth's Huffman will tell you Kern is definitely amongst the Top 4.5 Guys at Sectionals. He showed a lot of Heart in the 3rd Set Tiebreaker against Huffman which players normally tend to choke. Serving and Volleying pt after pt in the Heat was great to watch. If Abilene Does decide to use Kern Hopefully he matches up with Branch so he can put Branch in his place. Good Luck to the Abilene Team this morning.

  5. As True veterans of Sectionals Dallas Branch has put his Team in a position to take on either Bracket 1 or Bracket 2. The Question is which option will he decide to take. Even though Branch has continued to openly tell everyone how Deep his Team is it showed Yesterday by Beating FT Worth 5-0. Ouch! I still Believe that when Game time decisions come up Sunday Morning for them That he will have to Decide to Sit himself or James out because Stone looks impressive. With that Being said it may be Dallas Branch's Time to Shine. I'll make sure to Bring him a Long Sleeve shirt on Sunday just in case the Cold Front comes in like he had commented earlier.

  6. Wanja is the X Factor. NOHO could challenge Dallas with him. Without him, even today could be tough.

  7. To the Last Poster I'm sure that we have a Chance Today mainly because we have Competitors that have been through Sectionals Time and Time Again. When all is said and done it's the experience Factor handling the Nerves when it Counts. Frankly we shouldn't be playing for 1st this morning. Bobo and Whitsett came back 6-9 down in 3rd set super tiebreaker against Austin to win 12-10 which put us in this position. We just got lucky and Hopefully we have another Oppurtunity to vy for a Sunday chance to Advance. Good Luck to All Teams this Morning.

    NOHO Tennis

  8. Yeah, experience counts for something, but when it comes right down to it talent counts for more.

    Experience didn't help Mike Miller as he collapsed down the stretch against Red and Antoine yesterday. If Benzon/Ford, Bobo/Whitsett and Heim all play their best, Noho has three really good lines.

  9. Thanks to whomever said I showed a lot of heart. I take that as a real compliment. However as someone said heart will only take you so far and I don't have the talent to be considered a top 4.5 Sectionals player. I'm kinda the anti-Nuke LaLoosh, million dollar head (ok maybe thousand dollar), 10 cent arm. Still "just happy to be here, hope I can help the team."
    I haven't seen Noho but Dallas looks very tough. If Wanja shows up and they can take both singes however I think they can get by anyone. If they have to win both doubles against Dallas I think it would be a barn-burner but Dallas may take them. It would all depend on matchups then as always. FW suffered mightily by missing a couple of players but Noho seems to be overcoming missing Wanja so far. Good luck to everyone.

  10. I am sure Bobo will chime in soon as to how clutch he was. He's a good player, just ask him.