Thursday, August 7, 2008

3.5 Sectionals

Sectionals for 3.5 will take place this weekend. I'm not familiar with many of the players, but Michael Tran may be providing updates for those of you who are interested in the goings-on up in Dallas. Good luck to the Houston team!


  1. Beaumont is looking for more open players in the Labor Day Tourney. If you win the men's open division you will get to play doubles with Marty Fish and Robby Generpi down here. If you go to the USTA Texas section you'll get more info on that.

    Shamus Darden

  2. If my updates are anything like my score keeping for Freeman then y'all best not believe a word I say.

  3. good luck Michael and to your team. Many dallasites don't want to see Durdy Garland do well or the do gooders from Lifetime Fitness.

    Take'em down.

  4. We are in trouble if our updates are coming from Michael. He gets the award for the worst stand-in captain of all time, incapable of keeping track with even one line of a 5 line match. God help us!

    Just kidding Mike!!! Go up there and make sure the 3.5 title stays in Houston for another year!

  5. Houston 3.5 defeats Midland 5-0.

    Nice start guys!