Friday, August 8, 2008

Houston 3.5...So far so good

Houston beats Midland 5-0 in our first match. The clouds and slight drizzle were a blessing as we were able to finish our matches before the heat started rolling in. 2 of the lines went to 3rd set tiebreakers but we were able to complete the sweep.

The 2nd match against Austin was a little more difficult as we split both singles and lines 1 and 2 of the doubles. It came down the line 3 doubles team of Pham-Tran. After winning the 1st set 6-4, we dropped the 2nd set 4-6 but we were able to recover and take the 3rd set tiebreaker 10-7 to take a 3-2 overall victory.

I didn't have much time to look around at some of the other matches. The overall skill level of all the teams seems just a tad short of last year's teams but then again I was part of the Freeman/Goodwin 3.5 national all last year so I might be a little spoiled.

I did notice a young fit blonde guy that was really tagging the ball. I have no idea who he was but he didn't seem like he'd pose a problem........FOR JASON KERN!! I guess there is always going to be a few guys that are out of level but this guy looked extremely solid. He had a one handed backhand that did not belong in 3.5. Anyone who is familiar with the players up there know who this guy is?

NoHo is not playing at the same site as us which is unfortunate. It would be great for us to be able to root each other on. I hope Jeff Tomek and Ed Colingado are doing well as I haven't seen the Tennis Link site updated yet.


  1. Good job Mike. Keep the updates coming!

  2. GREAT JOB MIKE!!!!! Keep kicking ass!!! Don't let Gary take it easy on NETX in the guys bring it. Also, looks like Wild Dallas will play a tough match against Austin after you play NETX and before they play you guys at 3:30...maybe they'll be tired.

    CONTRATS & KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!

  3. Now we're talking! Freeman have you finished my 3.5 appeal yet? Good job Mike.

  4. awesome job man. way to pull out the 3rd set tiebreak.

  5. Houston has won our match this morning against NETX 4-1. We only dropped the line 3 of doubles. We are hoping that puts some pressure on Dallas that has to play against a possibly tired Austin team @ 11:30 to come up with goods. Obviously we'll be rooting for Austin to come out with the upset.

    Noho also squeaked by their first match of the morning 3-2. I didn't get to see any of their match since it was going on at the same time ours was but I got to see some of their players hitting around earlier and I was impressed. Lubbock must be a very good team to have pulled out their first match against NoHo

  6. Dallas beats Houston 3-2 to advance to Sunday. Great run Mike!

    NOHO goes 3-1 but fails to advance. Nice run Ed and Jeff!

  7. Was Glenn Flora way out of level?

  8. This year, yes. Last 2 years, no.