Saturday, July 12, 2008

What's Going to happen tomorrow in 4.0?

After watching today and having played against nearly all teams involved I think it will end up like this:

Freeman's Met team will crush Sienna. Freeman will bring the "A" lineup as he will not risk a trip to sectionals as this is the match that gets them to Dallas once again. Having played Sienna in the season, they are good, but they will not compare to the "A" lineup on Freeman's team.

In the other bracket, I think Copperfield will edge out Chancellors. I do not feel it will be lopsided, but the Copperfield will win. Unless Chancellor's brings some doubles guys they did not have today, then Copperfield will win.

The final will be a useless event as Freeman will put out a lineup that can win, but does not have to. I am sure he has already done the research and knows which bracket he wants to be in come two weeks (Houston or Wild Houston). Copperfield should be tired after playing their top lineup all weekend. They will take a line, but Freeman's crew will win 4-1.

Greg, hope you don't mind but I took you up on your offer to contribute.


  1. I heard that Sienna's top guns all came up with the runs and have spent the last several hours on the porcelain throne. Perhaps we should all bring toilet paper for them tomorrow.

    Go Met!

  2. What's the rule on toilet timeouts? We should strictly enforce it tomorrow. We should remove all the toilet paper from the restrooms prior to the match. I'm looking forward to my return trip to Dallas.

  3. What is up with Jonathon Hao Nuguyen? He is Chancellor's best player by far. Is he DQ'ed or just not here this weekend?

    If he plays Chancellor's wins, otherwise Copperfield wins.

  4. He got DQed and he's not the best player, he just hooks very well.

  5. thanks for contributing again, chris. your team lost a tough one today. i have to give props to jerry pham of chancellor's in the best match i saw today. he's a 47 year old guy with really no weapons but guts, smarts and consistency, but again pulled out the deciding match for his team in a key playoff battle by wearing down a younger opponent.

    great match in 4.5 today too as copperfield proved they are the real deal. dave mcmullan and logan thrower had the decisive win against the more heralded duo of mills and vernon. copperfield will be heavy favorites tomorrow against the shorthanded mob squad.

    i also have to give credit to ward jannuzzi and michael chec as they played solid tennis in easily handling the kent brothers.

    the heavy favorites, kingwood in 4.5 and the met in 4.0, both looked solid today. kingwood has all but clinched a berth in dallas.

  6. In regards to Jonathan, I heard from someone who knows one of the players on his team that he was DQ'd after LSAP's captain, Daniel Goodwin protested that he, along with 3 or 4 other players on the Chancellor's team were not registered with HTA. Guess the LSAP captain figured he might have had an outside shot at advancing if those players were not eligible. Apparently, the HTA fees were not paid or something of the sort. Nothing major.

    Looking at the scores from today, it looks like the LSAP team wasnt good enough anyway, even with the DQ's. They lost to Copperfield, and today lost today to an extremely depleted Chancellors team.

    Doesn't say much for Goodwin's team. I believe he even got a player or two from the Copperfield team disqualified. It's a shame that Copperfield and Chancellor's has to suffer because of another team's inadequacies. If LSAP had a legitimate shot at advancing, then by all means, do whats best for your team. Looks like LSAP never had a chance anyway, now Copperfield or Chancellors will have to go to sectionals with a depleted team.

    What a shame that a captain feels the need to stoop to such low and unnecessary levels to try to get a win-especially when a win was unattainable anyway.

  7. To the last poster:

    This issue was debated all day on Wed/Thurs. You are a couple of days late to the prom.

    The overwhelming consensus from the community was that although not everyone would have done exactly what Daniel did but they all agreed that the Chancellor's captain is an idiot for letting his people go that far into the season unregistered.

    This happened last year at city playoffs with some 4.5 guys and I am sure it will happen again next summer too. People just don't learn I suppose.

    Trust me, Daniel was not the only captain checking other teams rosters. Others did it as well.

  8. Goodwin is one of the top captains in Houston. He has been for years. Not many captains have taken their respective teams to sectionals as many times as he has.

    I am impressed that he was able to take a team full of 2007 3.5s and still manage to get into the 4.0 playoffs and actually push some of the more established teams. I imagine it will only be a matter of time before his 4.0 teams will be making regular trips to Dallas.

  9. did Peter, the club champ at Chancellor play ?

  10. how embarrasing for Sienna to lose today and also poop in their pants... Sienna has a top gun ?
    is it Don (tom) Cruise
    Ya'll got no chance, just wasting your time & sweat.
    Met rules again !!!

  11. MET 5 Sienna 0
    let the best represent houston
    We don't want a weak Sienna team in Dallas ... give Houston a bad rap