Sunday, July 13, 2008

So much for Predictions...

So much for predictions in 4.0. All of the matches today came down to singles and 3rd set tie breakers.

Chancellor's edged out Copperfield 3-2 as Ismael Ducthover beat former 4.5 player Tommy Sawaya in a close tiebreak. In the other singles Jason Rawls pulled out a 3rd setter against Jerry "the backboard" Pham.

The real action/drama was over with Met playing Sienna. I suppose I was off in the 5-0 prediction last night as Sienna came to play.

The Met took 2 lines of doubles with Sienna taking the third which left the singles to decide. Both lines went to 3rd set breakers and were very close, with the Coke champ from this year (Roberto Narajos) taking the 3rd line to put the Met over the top. Just a couple of seconds later Sienna took the other line making the score 3-2. Lots of drama and a very close match.

The Met and Chancellor's should be on court now deciding who will go as Houston and who will be Wild Houston at sectionals.

In the 3.5 match ups of the AM there were no surprises as Sienna beat Spam-a-Lot 3-2 and the MP-Racqueteers won as well only dropping a single line all weekend. These teams should be on the court as we speak playing for a spot in Dallas.

In other surprises today, the Mob squad took down a tough Copperfield team 3-2 to knock them out of contention. The Kingwood team rolled as expected, having only dropped 2 lines all weekend. The Crush and Mob Squad will both have a spot in Dallas.


  1. It was fun. See everyone next year. To the Met and Chancellors, take it to them in Dallas! I know you will represent Houston well. Sorry Quan, I failed to keep up my end of the deal. I will have to settle for next year.

  2. who played and won for Sienna and who lost ? Great effort ... better luck next time.

  3. Sienna 3.5 team rocks !! great players, great captain... they will be in Dallas again and again !!!

    Sienna 4.0 team is not so together ... lacks team spirit and lacks leadership. Few good individual players but not good as a team... again lacks strong captain.

  4. I beg to differ. You must be deaf not to hear the cheers of encouragement during the match against the Hurricaines. Not so together? Lack a strong captain? You are the biggest idiot on the planet. The way the playoffs are set, the two best teams in the city are not going to Dallas. It should have been Sienna 4.0 and the Met. The Met swept Chancellors 5-0 in the final, we were a couple of tiebreak points from WINNING the match. On another note, the captain's job is a thankless, tough job. I been there and done that and NEVER AGAIN. Donn has done a fantastic job and has done more for his team than anyone I know. He did his best to give everyone on the team an opportunity to enjoy the playoff experience. In addition, he even fed us all weekend. We will be back next year and will be hungrier than ever. We will have tremendous depth and tournament experience come this time next year. So there you have it you dick.

  5. I agree that whoever posted that the Sienna 4.0 was not together must not have been at the match or have any idea about what it takes to captain a team. Last year, Sienna had a difficult time competing with anyone at the city playoffs and was definitely not in position to compete for a spot in sectionals.

    The match today was literally decided by 2 points at #2 singles. Ben Ho played a tremendous match against a guy that everyone (including myself) thought would be untouchable given his results here in the major zone earlier this year.

    Donn has encouraged us all year to get out and practice harder despite the fact that we more or less rolled through our division with some challenges from SAP and our other Sienna team. In fact if I get another Evite about a practice from him I might just vomit all over my desktop.

    As for what the last poster said about the MET beating Chancellor's 5-0, I have no idea what the mindset of the players was given that both teams had already qualified for sectionals.

    However, an interesting exercise for the blog might be to compare the lineups from the sectional qualifying matchups and see what some people think.

    S1-Smith vs Dutchover
    S2-Ho vs Phan
    D1-Kwan/Boarman vs Ang/Shen
    D2-Bird/Ackerman vs Le/Hanegan
    D3-Champlin/Meteoyer vs Wu/Le

  6. Here's my opinion.

    S1-Dutchover seems to be a consistently good player, while I myself have really just become involved in Houston Tennis this year. However, if you trace any common opponents you could give me a little bit of an edge (Chris Trevino). I'd say push.

    S2-If you saw the match with Narajos today, the edge definitely has to go to Ben Ho and Sienna.

    D1-This is always a difficult line for us as we have multiple solid doubles team but have yet to find that one team that can consistently win. However, the points I saw between our guys and the Met this morning were actually pretty competitive but I'll give the edge to Chancellor's here because I know they have strong doubles teams.

    D2/D3-I think either of these matches could go either way. It's difficult for me to say because I've never actually seen the doubles teams from Chancellor's play. Maybe someone who saw both matches today could chime in with some better opinions....

    I have posted on a previous blog and will reiterate that the current system which allows for the best two teams to be in the same bracket and have one eliminated is detrimental to Houston tennis as it does not afford our best opportunity at Sectionals to advance teams on. I have no idea if that is the case this year or not but I'm sure it has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future until something is changed.

    My current working strategy would be the following. Finish up the Round Robin tournament by Saturday afternoon. If you have to use home and visitor matches on Thursday/Friday for court availability so be it (the #1 teams could get a home court advantage). Sunday would be reserved for a Semifinal/Final match which would feature RR#1-1 vs RR#2-2 and RR#2-1 vs RR#1-2. The winners would then play for the city championship. You could even skip the match if 2 teams from the same bracket come out to the finals and have already played.

    Alright, enough ranting, congrats to the MET and Chancellor's and every other team in the city who advanced. Good luck everyone in Sectionals and Sienna 4.0 is looking forward to next summer!!

  7. That is some quality comments that smitty posted. I enjoy comments like his instead of bashing and unconstructive comments left by others. Granted Met team have some strong players on the roster; Houston is well represented. I have to give Chancellor guys alot of credits for edging to the final this weekend with remaining roster they have left. I can imagine how stronger they would have been if they had their full complement of players. Yes, they got dirty black eye for not getting all their accounting straights. But that's life; you live and learn. Ditto congratulation to all the advancing team at all levels. Good night and do what ever that makes you happy.

  8. So now that Chancellor's has made the final do they get their DQ'ed players back for sectionals?

  9. I guess it makes sense that the person that made the post about Sienna 4.0 being not so together would choose to remain anonymous. What a stupid comment. Anyway, i think that Sienna Topspinners deserve some props for an undefeated regular season and a good effort in the City Playoffs this weekend. We will be back next year ready to go. Our Captain Donn did a great job and deserves to be recognized as such. By the way...we were the loudest team out there so whoever made that post needs to have his hearing aid adjusted.

  10. The cheering section for sienna was crazy. I think it really pumped up people up. You could see Justin was pretty pumped especially when he did a half dive for a volley and won the point on that one. Crowd went nuts right up until the next few moments when Roberto clinched it for the Hurricanes on the next court.

    Yes yes yes Nooooo :) :(

  11. Yes, Justin and Ben played their hearts out in front of a crazed Sienna crowd. Alot of fun, I am looking forward to next year.

  12. so Asian players are better than the rest hahaha
    if you read thsi .. you have priapism like Glen hehhehe

  13. so does anyone here understand what the previous poster had just written?

  14. This Glenn priapism thing has gotten out of hand...