Saturday, July 12, 2008

Give the 3.5 Guys some action on the blog

Not sure how popular this one will be, but here we go on the 3.5 predictions. I have a family member playing in this bracket and he asked me why the 3.5 guys never get any mclovin on the blog-o-sphere.

My personal opinion (and this goes for 4.5 too) is that with 6 teams they should have one bracket where everyone plays 5 times. This two groups of three crap is silly as some guys played on Thursday and don't play again until Sunday AM. Not much for continuity.

I think I have heard the counter-argument to this is court time required to support everyone playing 5 times, but I don't see how it could not be accommodated somehow/someway.

We are talking about having to play 30 total in a weekend versus 13 matches under current format, so the court time needed would approximatly double. I think that the clubs involved could support some of the court time.

I know from past experiences that captains struggle to play their whole roster knowing the one line lost here or there could cost them. Under the proposed format I think that everyone would get to play more and in the end be happier.

HTA should listen to their constintuency on this one as no one that I have talked to in 3.5 or 4.5 is cheery about the current format.

It looks like in Flight 1 that the Racqueteers will face the boys from East San Antonio (Willowfork) to see who represents them in the final. I like the MPTC team as they seem stronger throughout the season and some inside info says that most of the guys could hang at 4.0.

In Flight II, Freddie's Spam-a-lot team takes on a loaded suburbian Sienna team that went to Dallas last year and nearly made it to the final. I am not sure of their retention rate from last year's team but I think they will edge out Freddie 3-2 to represent this flight in the final.

Apperantly this final actually means something as only one team from HTA will go to Dallas. I like the MPTC to upset Sienna 3-2 to go represent Htown in Dallas.

Good luck to all.


  1. Gary Boring's team was put together nicely and they should beat Sienna in the final. This team will keep Houston representing well at Sectionals again.

    If 3.5 guys would post more often then more 3.5 stuff would be covered.

  2. If there were more threads started that included 3.5 folks, maybe more folks would post. It appears that both this site, and the Houston Tourney site are all about 4.0 and above. Can anyone start a thread or just the moderator? If a thread can be started, how can it be done?

  3. Greg has god rights to grant permission.

    Drop him a note.

  4. watch out for those 3.5 guys ... some are old 4.5 ringers hehehe

  5. Respect your 3.5 players. You need us for your Tri-Levels :D

  6. man, you 3.5s are about as boring as your game. this is why you get NO LOVE. 5 posts?

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