Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hangovers in...

The Hangovers won their pool with a huge 4-1 victory over Dallas. Tim Green played line one singles and beat Wesley James in two tight sets. I can't even speculate on the amount of effort James gave, (I have seen him give up in a meaningless match in the past) but regardless, it was a great win for Green. Grant Murphy dominated at 2 singles, and Huffman/Benzon won at line 1. A 4-1 win was a must, and Bobo/Whitsett again came through in the clutch, this time squeaking out a win in the third set breaker.

I must admit I didn't think the Houston 4.5 league was all that strong this year, so advancing two teams to the final four is a great accomplishment. Props to Jimmy and Tim/Ken for getting their teams this far. Austin will be a mighty hurdle to climb.

As noted by the commenter, Austin lost what was, for them, a meaningless match and got the wild card slot. Fort Worth won Flight I. While the commenter was quite critical of Mike Davis, he must also take into consideration the fact that Davis, Jason Lee and Torch Acosta had made the trip and are at least somewhat competent players and certainly wanted to get into the action. Davis' first obligation is to his players and having a rested Case and Holland for tomorrow could be important as well.

The Rice 4.0 team lost its match 5-0, eliminating any chance at advancing. Quack Bui was trounced, making it less likely that he get bumped to 4.5 and more likely that some of us who've played him will remain 4.0 (where, unfortunately, we belong).

Incidentally, Betsie Hollis' women's 4.5 team rolled to an easy victory in their first match. Good luck to the ladies.


  1. I guess that means all the people complaining about ringers in the Houston 4.5 league were right. It's hard to understand the fun in bringing a ton of 5.0 players to win in 4.5, but thats what league is all about. Congrats guys....

  2. To defend Mike Davis by saying his singles players needed rest is hilarious. They would have 20 hours for rest before tomorrow... they will probably "hit" longer today than the match would have taken. It's unfortunate they had to play that way.

  3. I don't know where the evidence for the comment about "a ton of 5.0 ringers" comes from, but both Kingwood and Hangovers won/lost their first two matches 3-2. If there were a ton of ringers, then they would be bringing the broom like the Houston 4.0 team (props to them.)
    I am looking forward to seeing the results from Kingwood vs Hangover, Part 4, on Sunday.
    Best of luck to all Houston teams on Sunday.

  4. The strategy of the Austin captain was obvious, by tanking his match against Fort Worth yesterday he was avoiding Houston in the first match so the Dibua brothers would be tired from playing a first match if they win. I also think it was poor sportsmanship on his part and hope they fail.

  5. I don't think the Austin strategy was bad in fact with temps topping 100 degress, any advantage you can get sounds good when it comes to rest.

  6. To the idiot that thinks Davis rested his players or tanked to Ft worth to avoid the Dibua brothers... I was on a 5.5 team and spent some time with the Austin guys. First of all, the Houston Team that Austin beat in the 4.5 semis was better than the team they killed in the finals. The Dibua brothers were good players, but were nowhere close to as good as the guys that the Houston Wild team had playing singles. Grant Murphy was incredible. He was a 5.0 for sure, and probably could have played 5.5 with us. The austin guys were much too consistent for the Dibua brothers. I knew Austin would beat them once they made the finals. It was the singles guys on the Houston Wild team that i wasn't sure about. Get your facts straight before you start acting like you know tennis dude.

  7. Any team Red Benzon is on is going to have the best ringers guaranteed. He and Tim green will tell you that Brasington should have played 4.5 on their team and that it would have been legit.