Sunday, August 12, 2007

Freeman to Nats...Part II

It looks like the Houston 4.0 team will be headed to Nationals. I've gotten word that they've won the first four lines to come off the court. More details as they come.

Also, Kingwood has again put out the Dibuas in singles against Holland and Case. Kingwood's doubles lineup: Hurlbert/Armstrong, Huynh/Vu and Barrera/Hamilton. Good luck!


  1. Congratulations to Jason's 4.0 team. I said earlier, that both teams were favorites to win sectionals, and I was right. Maybe Miss Clio would hire me? Anyway, now I will extend the prediction and say that both are also favorites at nationals. Between them and the Austin 4.5s, it looks like it's gonna be a good year for Texas.

  2. Yes they are both favs and even though I didn't see the Austin team their numbers were impressive. I captained the Dallas 3.5 that lost out to Houston and with the depth of that team they will be hard to beat at Nats. The singles are vulnerable but if Tongol can take out some ringers they will do fine. As far as 4.0 I play with the Dallas team regularly and they were a little depleted by Sunday afternoon but to sweep them out 5-0 is a good omen for Nats for that team as well. Best of luck.