Saturday, August 11, 2007


Congratulations to Kingwood and the Hurricanes, who have both clinched their flights and have moved into the semi-finals on Sunday.

Omon and Odion again took care of the singles for Kilshaw's bunch, and the doubles swept as well as the team blanked the Valley 5-0. I'm not sure at this point if the semis in 4.5 will be a three team round robin of flight winners or whether a wild card team will be added as has been done in the past. I'm sure someone could clue me in.

The Hurricanes have been almost spotless thus far, dropping no lines and just two sets in their first three matches. Freeman's 3.5 team didn't do any tanking, so I imagine his 4.0 team will put out some effort in their final match, though I'm sure they'll rest some key players. It looks like they will be facing Austin in the semi-finals, but there's little doubt that they're the team to beat.


  1. The fourth team will be the top second place team. The Austin Captain should be ASHAMED of himself for purposely losing his match to Fort Worth today to get Fort Worth in and clinch the wildcard for Austin. That is the most cowardly display I have seen at Sectionals. I hope this comes back to bite them in the ass. This is something we will never forget and I just hope we have the opportunity to screw this Austin team in the future. Karma's a bitch... I hope you sleep well tonight.

  2. You are an idiot, and obviously don't know anything about tennis. If your team was good enough to make it to the semis, then you would have done so. Quit being a poor loser. Go practice and sit around waiting until next yr. That captain had the opportunity to play some of his players that made the trip, that might not otherwise had a chance to play at sectionals. They were so far ahead in the standings, that he was able to rest his singles players and allow some guys to get a chance to play in a sectionals match. That's what it's all about... playing everyone on your team, and still winning the freaking tournament. They're going to Nationals. This had nothing to do with screwing some team, or positioning themselves so they didn't have to play someone in the semis.... a good team doesn't worry about who they'll have to play.. they worry about themselves, and playing their game. Austin was going to have to beat the best teams to win, so it didn't matter who they played first.... Personally i think the team they beat in the Semis was better that the team they whipped in the finals. The singles guys on that Houston Wild team were the best players in the tournament. Very nice guys off the court as well. Go take your Karma and try to improve your tennis game and your bad attitude. Maybe one day your team will take you off the bench and insert you in the lineup when they're on the winning path to Nationals.