Saturday, July 14, 2007

Midyear Ratings

Sorry to interrupt the excitement of the playoffs, but I thought I'd mention that the midyear ratings are out. These ratings are used for fall HTA leagues and things like the combo league. Remember, end of the year ratings can change greatly, even if a player plays no more matches this season. Ratings are highly dependent on how people do at sectionals or nationals. So, if you got bumped up midyear but some of your opponents don't fare too well at sectionals or even if the Texas teams at nationals do poorly, the ratings can and will cascade downward. Also, fall HTA results are not used in end of year "tanking downward" in this fall's season will not help people to lower their rating for the 2008 season. Also, these ratings were derived using league results only. Players bumped up midyear may also get some "relief" when tournament ratings are included in the calculations.

On that note, I quickly perused the list and here is a quick and ugly unformatted list of some of the local players that I noticed had changed their ratings:

Now 5.0: Red Benzon, Atsushi Fukunaga, Lukas Jendek, Jonathan Magid

Now 4.5: Sarosh Ahmed, Sam Ahn, John Biers, Jorge Cuesta, Greg Dwyer, David Galvan, Brian Goldberg, Eddie Janek, Wade Karel, Jason Kern, Marlon Mazique, Don Obenrader, Barry Ouellette, Leland Putterman, David Romero, Charlie Shafer, Kevin Shannon, Chris Stanich, Peter Strasser, John Swartley, Derek Taylor, John Veilleux, Jay Vogt, Danny Weingeist

Now 4.0: Jason Freeman, Yukihito Honda, Lee Johns, Bjorn Krosby, Eric Kuo, J.R. Pogue

Speaking of Cuesta, I heard a rumor that the protest was decided and that he will not be allowed to play at Sectionals/Nationals but that his previous matches will stand. It's interesting that the computer found his level of play to be that of a 4.5 player.


  1. Yep, freeman's whole 3.5 team got bumped mid year to 4.0.

    It will be a shame if they don't make it to Sunday in dallas.

  2. I have seen most of his 3.5 team play this year in tournaments, as a team they would have competed well in the 4.0 playoffs. The 4.0s won't be a shock to most of these guys next year.

    Good luck in Dallas guys!!!

  3. Why did so few people get bumped up from 4.5? Is this an indication that the Houston 4.5 teams will not do well at sectionals?

  4. The problem with the system is Texas always bumps average 4.0 players to 4.5.

    They never bump excellent 4.5 players to 5.0.

    If you are going to bump the majority of players off the better 4.0 teams, why not do the same to the 4.5 teams?

    I always thought that the problem with the 4.5 ratings in Texas is that most of your 4.5 league players can beat tournament players 6-0, 6-0. Example Tim Green, Don Rios, Danny Vue, etc. vs Danny Kallus.

  5. Can't believe Benzon got bumped to 5.0. He's a weak 4.5 and will get killed in the 5.0 League. I guess all that protesting he did got back to him. Funny How alot of the Self Rated 5.0 Players got bumped down to 4.5 Weingeist,Putterman,Mazique. Even Cuesta got bumped down to 4.5. Is there anyone else who is as puzzled as me ????

  6. Benzon got bumped up because he got some good wins in 5.0 with illgal 5.0 player Guerero. Funny how that worked out in the end. The other 5.0 bump downs are ridiculous Putterman is solid 5.0.

  7. Kudva and Magid rightfully back to 5.0, ridiculous rating system that would have ever moved them down in the first place.

  8. The computer puts too much emphasis on the score. That's why players that keep their scores close remain at 4.5 even though they are undefeated.