Friday, July 13, 2007

Last night in 4.0

For me, the most interesting/intriguing matchup in 4.0 last night was the one between Rice and JCC. David Trevas had been virtually unbeatable this season against the relatively weak competition in JCC's division, and I was curious to see how he would fare against a younger Quack Bui out in the heat. Bui has faced some tough competition this season and had lost two of his last three heading into the playoffs. Quack had little trouble with Trevas, saving many points with his legs and making Trevas earn everything. Bui rolled two and four.

Jeff Johnson had played singles just once this season, giving Chancellor's Jerry Pham his only (until last night) singles loss of the season. However, Johnson and Pham both found out last night that the level of play in the Hangovers/Rice division was a bit tougher than what they were accustomed to. Wade Karel waxed Johnson two and two.

The doubles was a bit more competitive. Perhaps the heat took less of a toll on the JCC doubles players. At any rate, Peter Strasser and Ron Rexilius pulled out a third set victory at line one and Jonathan Hao Nguyen and Truc Tran won two close sets at line two. JCC Dudes Robert Lang and Joe Warren (playing the ad side??) crushed Byron Bonar and Daniel Young to salvage a line for the Dudes.

The big matchup between Rice and Lakeside will be Saturday morning at 11:30. Bui and Karel are fit, but will be matched up with tougher players (Hern and Perdomo?) than they saw last night. Lakeside won easily last night despite sitting the aforementioned Hern and Perdomo. Little used Christopher Mulgrew and Carl Poston handled the singles easily as Lakeside won 4-1.

The Hurricanes breezed (no pun intended) last night as well. Kris Knutson has been strictly a doubles player in league play, but has been dominating in tournaments and got the start at #1 singles. He capitalized on Phuong Le's backhand and was off the court in no time. Sarosh Ahmed also barely broke a sweat against Jerry Pham. Chancellor's lone bright spot was the marathon match at line one doubles. Fighting cramps at the end, Chancellor's Quan Vu and Kiet Nhan outlasted Bill Morris and Chris Reese in a match that lasted as long as any of the 7 pm singles matches. Kern/Veilleux and Patton/Tran-Park won straight setters.

The Hurricanes should have little trouble getting to the finals.

I have not looked at the Sectional groupings in either 4.0 or 4.5. In past years it has sometimes been advantageous to be the Wild Card team from Houston, which has made for some less than inspiring tennis on Sundays. I hope that is not the case this year. I'd like to see a true city champion crowned in both 4.0 and 4.5.


  1. FYI- Lost Forest Hackers have reported a 3-2 victory over Sienna Plantation, winning 3 three setters. They play the Hurricanes on Saturday morning.

  2. Seemingly, noone cares about 4.0 league.

  3. I've been playing League for awhile now and am playing in the 4.5 playoffs. I was quite impressed with the Hurricanes team. They have a Great team with alot of depth. Sarosh could easily compete in the 4.5's. They are DEFINITELY the team to Beat.

  4. Predictions :
    Lakeside 3- Rice 2
    JCC 4- Cincho 1
    Hurricanes 5-Lost Forest 0
    Cancelors 4-Seinna 1

    Lakeside/Rice is the match to watch.