Monday, July 23, 2007

Dallas City Playoffs

Dallas had their city playoffs this past weekend, so all of the heavyweight contenders have now been decided upon. I will sometime soon post my opinions on how the Houston teams will fare up in Dallas as well as giving a general opinion on the teams to beat up there.

In the 4.5 division in Dallas, it was business as usual. It's actually getting quite boring as seemingly every year Kevin Conway's crew and Rusty Branch's boys end up getting the two Dallas slots at Sectionals. The teams are always tough and the captains do a good job of assembling talent that can compete. The Dallas 4.5 league, in my opinion, doesn't have the strength and depth that Austin does, but every year the top two teams are among the serious contenders for Nationals.

Conway and Branch's teams have much the same cast of characters as in past years. Supposed "ringer" Kevin Durten of Conway's team won his first three doubles matches easily this weekend and dropped his meaningless doubles match in his team's last matchup. Conway also has a new singles player in Kole Frink. Neither Dallas team appears to be super-strong in singles, though Wesley James of Dallas Branch is very tough.

Truth be told, I know next to nothing about the 4.0 representatives from Dallas. No team really stood out this season. The two representatives, Collin County Somabut and Springpark Walters, finished in a 5 way tie for first place in one of Dallas' 4.0 divisions and hardly dominated the competition. I would think that the Hurricanes or Rice teams would match up well if they should meet the Dallas teams at Sectionals.

There were, by the way, a few disqualifications this season in the Dallas league, so the Black Sheep and Rice's 5.0 team should not feel as though they were the only teams victimized. 4.5 player Vu Le and 5.0 player Derek Pope were among those disqualified in the Metroplex. James Blake's half brother Chris Walker helped to lead Greenhill Bartzen to the Dallas 5.0 title. He and Nanjappa may have a lengthy battle if they butt heads at Sectionals.


  1. I watched Derek Pope play for Mississippi State many times during my MSU days (late 90s early 00)....the team was consistently ranked top 5 in the country during that time.

  2. What team does Derek Pope play for?

  3. Derek Pope is Good but NO OPEN Team will give the Houston Team any trouble. They are TRUE 7.0's and they will put the other Teams to shame.

  4. The Houston Opens league team really does look to be hot with Efe, Brasington, etc. and the Barker brothers. It'd be really interesting to see how they do as not many people (myself included) on this blog are familiar with Opens league. I happen to have had the chance to watch the Barkers and Efe play several times and it'll be cool to see whether the Barkers in particular'll drop a doubles match. Where in Dallas do those guys play if they even play in Dallas? DY

  5. Houston Open Men play at Collin County 2:30 Sat. vs. Austin then at High Point 2:30 Sun. vs. Dallas.

  6. Barker Brothers are playing line #2 for the Open Team. That's sick. They Definitely will dominate at Sectionals.

  7. Ouch. Hate to see who they've got playing singles and where he used to be ranked on the tour...DY

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