Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

There was a major zone and some other tennis stuff going on this weekend. Some newsworthy things happened.

One interesting development in Corpus Christi was that Red Benzon won the 5.0 singles title. Even with his "rotten backhand" Benzon can play some singles. Some people forget he was once the #1 4.5 player in the state. I've always thought Red was underrated as a singles player (and perhaps OVERRATED as a doubles player). There's been some talk of him playing singles for a 4.5 team. It might be interesting to see how he'd do under playoff pressure and extreme heat on the singles court.

When the ratings came out in the offseason, there was a lot of talk about Greg Dwyer "tanking down" to 4.0 and that he was now a "ringer". After what I hear was another disastrous loss this past weekend, it's pretty obvious that's not the case. Even when playing 5.0, Dwyer has always had 4.0 strokes, but now it appears his legs, guts and mind have fallen to the same level. He and his team appear to be a nonfactor.

Speaking of 4.0, the Hurricanes brought a bunch of their players down to Corpus for the tournament. Many had great success. Eddie Janek won the 4.0 singles, Richard Patton was a finalist in doubles and consolation singles winner. There have been some teams in recent years in Houston that have had success in league but fizzled out and maybe even choked up at Sectionals. These teams avoided tournaments and rarely played anything but summer league tennis. The Hurricanes are "battle tested" and look poised to repeat or exceed the success they had last year.

Finally, in a week 3 match, the JCC Dudes took out last year's playoff qualifier Chancellor's with relative ease. The Dudes have taken a strong lead in Division II and have pretty much cemented a playoff spot. Despite lacking a backhand, wily veteran Joe Warren gutted out a tough 3 setter to help cement the win agains the Outlaws.


  1. htown hacker must be a proMay 7, 2007 at 11:00 PM

    Dear Htown Hacker,

    Can you beat any of these people you criticize in your blog?

  2. Probably not. In general I don't feel I've been that critical. I fully admit some of my opinions may be wrong. They're just opinions and are not mean-spirited at all.

  3. If being able to beat those you criticize was a criteria for journalists/reporters, there wouldn't be much to read.

  4. This is good stuff...
    Keep this blog real, and ppl will keep reading it.

    This blog was more critical than any of the others...interesting.

  5. htown hacker,

    In your comments concerning Greg Dwyer (who I have never seen play) you stated "it appears his legs, guts and mind have FALLEN TO THE SAME LEVEL." This sounds like you are suggesting that somehow lower "level" players (4.0 and lower I guess) also have a lower corresponding level of "legs, guts and mind" as compared to higher level players....if so, that is an increadibly pompus and inaccurate assertion.

    Although your assertion fits me perfectly (fat, mentally and physically slow and completely crumble under pressure) I do have guys on my 3.5/4.0 teams that have as high or higher level of "legs, guts and mind" than any 4.5/5.0/open player out there.

    I may have misinterpreted your statement and derived a conclusion that you had not intended to make. However, be careful not to use a player's "level" as a measure of other aspects of that player's game such as "legs, guts and mind."

  6. Freeman,

    What I meant was that his legs, guts and mind have fallen to the same level as his strokes. At one time those attributes (and fitness) were what was allowing him to play 4.5/5.0 level tennis (it certainly wasn't his strokes). I'm sure Greg wouldn't disagree with me on this.

  7. No worries. Just trying to represent the 3.5 guys that check out this blog :)

  8. Freeman,

    You are not fat, you are festively plump.

    Come on man, keep it real.

  9. I've been called a LOT of things but "festively plump" is a new one. I like it.

  10. Freeman is a great player and very smart too. Don't let his "festively plump" self fool you that Boy can play!! I watched him play this past weekend,I have alot of respect for his all court game and even more his match toughness in tight situations. I think he could play in 4.0s if he wanted to but he's still got the 3.5 Rating so why not go win a National Championship in League. He's also captaining the 4.0 team but this will definitely be a stronger field than last year so hopefully they will bring the full Squad this Year.

  11. Well, the not-very-long-anticipated rematch between Men in Black and Kingwood Crush is tomorrow night at Copperfield.

    Hopefully the debacle that was the first match can be put behind everyone and some good tennis can be played.

  12. And of course it's supposed to rain tonight starting around 7:00.

    I really need to find that voodoo doll and watering can my wife has hidden.

  13. I've known Greg for a long time, and contrary to what has been said (and to what Greg himself might think), his strokes are very good, especially his groundstrokes. His fitness has always been great, but without strokes, you can't compete in 4.5. Compared to others at that level, his strokes are better than average with not much of a weakness. His consistency is way above average at that level. Many at that level wish their weakness was as inconspicuous as Greg's.