Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Rule

I like this.  There has been some shadiness in the past, including at Nationals, which may have been the impetus behind this.  I certainly hope that the rule is in place at Sectionals, where it's easier to pass someone off as someone else.  

Hey Team Captains,

Please note:

Effective Immediately, June 3, 2009: Team captains may request a picture identification (drivers license) to verify opposing players identification.  The league committee may take any action they deem necessary for failure to provide this information upon request by the opposing team captain.



  1. I cannot wait for someone to forget their TDL and be challenged and have 10 people around vouching that the dude/gal is who they say they are. That is going to be a sticky situation.

    Hell, you can go to the common market on 59 and get an ID. Who's to say that captains know what they are looking for?

  2. Freeman come back or else we won't be able to check anyones I.D's!! Bring your Texas I.D though b/c somebody may question who you are.

  3. Does anyone know why they started this now. Was there a question of cheating somewhere? Is this a tactic of the big teams (caines, sienna, ect.) to sign people no one hase heard of and play someone no one has ever seen before?

    Of course there are other ways to win. And everyone knows Freeman and the like can recruit from everywhere. But to show up with a banger out of the blue.

    Will they be asking for a DNA sample next?

  4. I know a couple of years ago there was a question about one team using non members at city playoffs.

    There is the highly documented case of the NoCal team that used non members in the nationals 4.0 final in Hawaii. Of course they played the Baylor (ahem, I mean Waco) and lost anyhow.

    Crazy to think that people would fly from NoCal to Hawaii to cheat at a tennis event.

    The captain got banned for 10years or something along those lines.

    Here is a link on the TW BBS from a few years back:

  5. I heard San Antonio a few years back put in a player that was not on the roster.

  6. The teams that know they have something to lose and are in the spotlight don't do this mess (i.e., Hurricanes, Chancellors, Kingwood, etc...). The teams that should be watched more closely are the fringe teams who really don't have anything to lose and noone is really paying that much attention to them. Also, this happens reguarly in the smaller sections when they get to sectionals.

  7. No comments about matches this week. I'll assume HTOWN is just busy and I'll try to get something started here...

    4.5 Division 1-Looks like it's a 2 team division between CuField and the Sssshwings; however, unless the HTA confirms the 6 team playoff, positioning could be very important. CuField takes on the Jedi Knights who, despite their inferior record, played them to a close 3-2 match earlier in the year and will be hungry. The Sssshwings get the night off. Otherwise not much excitement for this divsion tonight.

    4.5 division II-Seems to be another 2 team race between Kingwood and WS-NWO squad. However, The WS-Black sheep team could at least get themselves back in the race with an upset of No Way Out tonight. A win puts them 1 match behind but having swept the 2 matches would give them a fighting chance of taking 2nd place in the division. Plus, I like the idea of the intra-club matchup to make for an interesting night. Last time, the Black Sheep swept the singles and I would say that they are favored to do so again, making a win for NWO difficult but definitely not impossible as they have strong doubles teams all the way down.

    4.5 Division III-Another 2 horse race but this one is for 2nd. The Duecebags take on the Hurricanes tonight and I can't draw up a lineup that Freeman can put out there that won't beat any of the other 3 teams in this division. Sugar Creek takes on a Sienna team that is on a high after it's first win of the season. In order to get back in it, the Duecebags need some help from Sienna and to go a tear to finish up the season but it could happen.

    I don't know much about the 4.0 division except for the one with Sienna in it. It seems as though Sienna and the Hurricane's are favored to come in 1st and 2nd. However, Sienna needs to consolidate that plan tonight against a JCC team that will be playing at home in one of the biggest home court advantages in town.

    If you don't want to comment on tennis, give us a ranking of your top home court advantages in town...

    1) Memorial-especially if you play on the back courts near the blinding lights on the driving range, I can't ever see the ball until it's hitting me in the chest
    2) Sienna-making people drive that far is an advantage (however, remember that all their guys have to make reciprocal drives for ALL away matches)
    3) JCC-playing indoors most of the time puts us outdoorsmen at a disadvantage

  8. Black Sheep 4-1 over NWO

  9. Are they going to start collecting hair samples for drug testing?

  10. Nice job Smitty. The Westside battle is a big one tonight. My predictions this year have been spotty at best, but I see a Black Sheep victory tonight.

    Can't see the Deucebags winning tonight, but would love to be there for a Hasker-Dibua or Hasker-Phoummarath matchup.

    I think SAP will take down Lost Forest tonight.

    The word on the street is that Bear Creek's recent additions have made them a legitimate contender for the 4.0 city championship.

  11. what about one has mentioned his name


  13. I like playing at Lost Forest.

    You can pick up a dime bag and some bootleg DVD's at the Metro Mart on the way in.

    Also have seen gang turf wars as I was trying to leave there once. I was trying not to get involved, but I kept thinking "OMG, I hope they don't all turn on whitey and kill me."

    Too bad that club isn't somewhere in suburbia as it is really run by some nice people and always have good teams.

  14. Hasker will win tonight

  15. Costilla and Trevino will win tonight.

  16. I think this started in San Antonio with Torres. He tried to slide 2 out of towners on his roster. If you look at his team which is listed as Vasquez he has Reid Strand listed as San Antonio. It did not matter as Millers team just won the league.