Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm Bored.

I was just thinking about the 4.5 playoffs and the fact that there really are a lot of quality singles players. How would you rank the singles players (my guesstimate as to who they are) on the seven potential playoff teams?

Omon Dibua
Ted Pumma
Aadrian Hasker
Dat Bui
Antoine Ford
Sean Straley (maybe he'll play singles in citywides???)
Quack Bui
Steve Phan
Ted Bradley
Sean Lacy
Alex Bergmann
Sam Holmes
Neil Carpenter
Flad Patterson

I'll give it some thought and post my opinion later.


  1. Omon Dibua- fit and tough
    Ted Pumma- human wall
    Aadrian Hasker- smooth
    Dat Bui- agressive
    Antoine Ford- very solid
    Sean Straley- tough
    Quack Bui- gets everything
    Steve Phan- heavy ground game
    Ted Bradley- well rounded
    Sean Lacy- very agressive
    Alex Bergmann- best backhand
    Sam Holmes- solid and experienced
    Neil Carpenter- great player
    Flad Patterson- solid

  2. "tough" "well-rounded" "smooth" "best dressed" "pretty smile"

    How about some actual detail about their games and predictions of how they match up?

  3. What about Odion Dibua? He's probably in the Top D for sure in Houston.

  4. Straley
    Q. Bui
    D. Bui

    In that order.

  5. Bui, Bergmann, and Patterson are not at the same level as any of the group mentioned. Not one of the 3 guys have wins over any quality players.

  6. the players on the list are all good. however, some are better then the other in normal conditions. but the heat is the biggest factor and the best players might lose to the worst players because they are not conditioned.

  7. Dat (James) is an impressive looking player despite his lack of quality wins (Simon Jim is not a bad win, btw). Hasker, Pumma and Phan played several practice matches last year when they were on my team and they are quite competitive. Carpenter and Phan would have rated higher a few years ago. I may be underestimating Quack based on a match against him a coupla' years ago; he's improved since then I'm sure.

    My own opinion, for what it's worth:

    1. Straley
    2. Omon
    3. Hasker
    4. Pumma
    5. Carpenter
    6. Ford
    7. Phan
    8. Bradley
    9. Holmes
    10. Lacy
    11. Quack Bui
    12. Dat Bui
    13. Bergmann
    14. Patterson

    I've not seen Bradley and Holmes play so their rankings are simply somewhat educated guesses.

  8. Phan is too high. I think your biased on that one.

  9. bradley should be top 4 on that list

  10. Bradley went 3 with Quack and lost to Trevino in the Gallery. He'd be average in the Hurricanes division.

  11. here we go again...hurricanes talking smack. didn't know trevino and bui were average players. last time hurricanes made a bold statement that foster and narajos would take bui easily, well bui and bradley gave narajos a beating. as far as i'm concern, the hurricanes are 0-2 against bradley and bui. keep on talking smack hurricanes...that's just going motivate the rest of the your opponents.

  12. What about Odion Dibua?

  13. Odion and Omon are the two best league players. they know how to pull off the win. they are very good and in great condition for heat.

  14. Who is the better player of the two?

  15. I think Alain's Team is going to take out the Hurricanes on their last match and I really don't think the other guy can beat Miguel to win the tie break, I bet my money, car and dog, Tran's team is going to give the Hurricane some serious competetion if it comes down to the two team at the end of the season or city..GO BAGS

  16. Tran is a veteran when it comes to competing, he will somehow beat the hurricanes to get 2nd place in this Division

  17. Don't think anybody can really match up with tran's team if he brings out his true players

  18. Tran only has Hasker, no one else

  19. Hurricanes are in 1st place and have know reason to talk smack. They practice and play tournaments so if they win the league it's because they deserve it.

    Omon/Odion deserve a lot of credit they have played hard all season long and are in good shape.

    Ranking the players listed.

    Omon Dibua- a tough serve and volleyer who closes like he's going to smother you.

    Odion Dibua- all court player who can hrind with the best of them for as long as it takes.

    Aadrian Hasker- is a deadly southpaw who can catch fire on both sides f/h and b/h.

    Ted Phoummarath- Steady Eddie and he's in great shape to carry the extra on court wardrobe the distance. Only difference between him and a wall is that it doesn't come back harder once he retrieves your shot.

    Antoine Ford- well if he would have won some 3rd set tiebreakers he'd be in the Top 4 for sure. If he does make the playoffs he will be a force.

    Ted Bradley- his big serve and his strong backhand make him a competitor at a high level. Let's face it though you can't be a newcomer in Houston and expect to dominate 4.5 league.

    Steve Phan- coming off of his first singles league loss it will be interesting to see if he can regain his high level of play he once had.

    Sean Lacy- gotta love Lacy's intensity to continue the serve and volley and chip and charge tactics but, he won't be able to do that against either Dibua.

    Samuel Holmes- the sleeper of the group. He's in great shape and also a southpaw who can pull you of the court with his lefty forehand and lefty serve.

    Alex Bergmann-well he's definitely a fiesty german with big game but the question is can he keep it together against a pusher. He goes for winners like there's no tomorrow.

    Dat Bui- another all court player who is making his mark as a counterpuncher these days. He needs some intensity in key moments in order to be a factor.

    Quack Bui- well he's an improved player with an all court game but hasn't really been tested yet. He cramped up in the 3rd this past week against Bradley which was a night match.

    Neil Carpenter- once was a fierce competitor but these days he'd rather pull out his golf clubs from his trunk before he grabs his racquets.

    Flad Patterson- Another player who can win some matches but in the playoffs won't be a factor for team Schwinng.

    Sean Straley- quite possibly could be the best out of the group but, he WON'T be playing in the City Playoffs.

  20. I left Odion out because I only wanted to include two singles players from each team. Clearly Pumma is the worst doubles player of the three, so I figured they may use him in singles and move a Dibua into the doubles lineup. Obviously Odion would be near the top of the rankings if included.

  21. Carpenter does have wins over Moser and Trevino this year. I don't think he's finished quite yet.

  22. Your right H Town. I guess he should be higher up but, he beat Trevino in February HTA league. Moser really isn't a top player in 4.5 league players. Carpenter gives schwinng an outside shot at winning a team match.

  23. great posting:
    June 20, 2009 10:54 PM

    it's going to be fun seeing all these guys match up. let's hope morales stomps sarosh. when and where please? sarosh is too arrogant, so go morales!!!!

  24. Not sure I agree with Bergmann being a factor: he has no wins over any of the names listed and lost both of his singles matches last year in the playoffs (Hasker and Hunckler). Quack has improved but not sure he can beat any of the big names: Dibuas, Hasker, Bradle, Carpenter, Phan, Holmes. But remember, it all comes down to match ups and where the captains play their guys.

  25. Who said that Bergmann would be a factor. He is Copperfields line 2, that's why his name is listed. As for Quack he definitely will be an underdog but, he's a scrapper who has an all court game.

  26. Is Sarosh really arrogant?

  27. Nope, he's a really nice guy and a solid player. There are plenty of 4.5 people who are better suited for the "arrogant" label.

  28. I don't think the playoffs are going to be moved one way or the other by the 2 singles players from each team mentioned above. The real difference in getting the top 2 spots for sectionals will be in lines 2 and 3 doubles and the 3rd and 4th singles options. With 5 matches it will be difficult to play the same 2 in singles for every match.

    Who has the best lines 2-3 doubles and the best bench?

  29. Singles usually tells the story. But depth is a key. And a lot of these guys look pretty even, so 2 and 3 doubles might be the key as you said.

  30. I'll put on my gossip columnist hat:
    Spotted, at Memorial Park playing singles in the midday heat: potential playoff singles players Soong Hay Tam, Antoine Ford and Bernie Delatorre. Also out there braving the elements were some Hurricane 4.0 doubles guys and Kingwood Crush doubles standout Minh Nguyen.

    Good to see that people are ramping up for the scorching weather at cities and Sectionals.

  31. quack usually starts off strong and takes the first set easily. after that, either the mental game fades or his fitness fades. probably both.

  32. Straley is the best are you kidding. For a while he was giving Adrian Valdez a run for his money in open. That boy will pick apart that list.

  33. If Straley is the best then why hasn't he played singles? I agree he probably is at the top of the list in 4.5's. Since this is a league blog where do you put Adrian Valdez level wise?

  34. You listed all the top 4.5 singles players, who are the top 4.5 doubles teams/players?

  35. I was looking at other league teams around the state and saw that Captain Smitty has joined an Abilene Roster. Best of Luck Smitty.

  36. Top 4.5 doubles teams

    Team Ssshhwing

    * Patterson could also play doubles

    Team Lobsters

    *Thrower and Lubrano also will be in rotation.

    Team Black Sheep

    *if Bradley/Lacy play doubles then it makes Black Sheep vulnerable in singles.

    Team Crush

    *Santiago and Huynh are also doubles options.

    Team Titans

    * Ford could also play doubles.

    Team Deucebags

    *Bui could also play doubles.

  37. Damn. Those are some shitty doubles teams. Didn't realize how weak the teams are this year.

  38. Yes, as someone pointed out a few posts ago, I am moving back to my hometown. I am in Houston doing a pediatric residency at Texas Children's and will be finishing next Wed and moving back to Abilene to join a practice out there, just in time for their qualifying tournament. It's been a fun couple years in the Houston tennis. I like checking out the blog and throwing my 2 cents in every now and then.

    Although, since I'm on my way out, I'd like to give myself some retrospective credit for a great summer last year at the 4.0 level...Check it out HTown...I think it was 8-0 with a 2 and 2 win over an undefeated singles player and a win over Ricardo Martinez in the cities...

    Anyway, I like you guy's passion and committment. Fortunately for me, there are some people pretty committed to Abilene tennis as well. I'm hoping that I get a shot to see some of you guys again in August in Dallas.

  39. You'll be at Sectionals Smitty with that Abilene Team. Rosenquist fields a young team that fairs well in the heat.

  40. great win over martinez, he's a great player

  41. Who is martinez?

  42. Does anyone know when HTA will make a decision on the playoff format for 4.5?

  43. martinez plays for the hurricanes. he was the runner-up in the fall fest. and won the copperfield tourney.

  44. But he's not a factor in 4.5 league.

  45. Wow, who's going to play line 1 doubles for Sienna 4.5 now?

  46. #1 in 4.5 division deserves something over #2. They should get home court advantage for the first Thursday of the playoffs and play a #2. The rest of the matches are at LLTC.

  47. There should be an advantage, to winning division in 4.0, too.

  48. The post from June 22, 2009 2:12 PM sounds logical, maybe they can also buy beer.

  49. Yes Straley is the best out of that list. Valdez is a 5.5 and has been #1 in open for a decade and him and Straley have battled it out many times. He may have lost a leg or something since then. That would be the only way he would belong on that list. The reason he has not played singles yet ? My guess is he's doing someone a favor playing on that team or he is self rated and saving himself. I honestly have no idea. I just know he would strum those guys. I think you will find Omon to be run of the mill when sectionals comes. Some pretty good ballers are on the way.

  50. Anybody have any comments to who the Top 4.0 Singles and Doubles players are?

  51. There are a lot of fine doubles teams listed in the above comment. Some of the players listed have college playing experience. I dissagree with the poster who said that those are weak teams. Remember, this is 4.5.
    If they were much better than those listed, then they wouldn't be legitamate 4.5 or borderline 5.0's. I would say that the poster, if he is a 4.5, probably couldn't beat many of those teams in doubles.

  52. Off the top of my head:

    Pedro Ruiz
    Roger Osario
    Tuyen Nguyen
    Juan Pacheco
    David Conn
    Scott Foster
    Darnell Durand
    James Rice
    Brian Anderson
    Bethuel Gabriel
    de la Torre
    Omel Ruiz
    Perry Sontag

  53. That last list is not that good. There are some hidden players out there not mentioned.

  54. Aaron Greene should be at the top of that list, along with some of the other relatively unknown guys on the Hurricanes 4.0

  55. Yeah I didn't even make it on that list so it's definitely not legit ;)

  56. I'd mention a couple other 4.0s from my team, but prefer to keep them under the radar.

  57. Who will Hurricanes use in the city playoffs in singles? In their matches against Sienna they used Foster, Hau, Kravec and Dwyer. Against JCC it was Vargas and Rice. Are they all even except for Foster?

  58. foster is prone to overhitting, as is hau. Kravec is one of their weaker players. Dwyer is nice and steady. Watch out for the players the hurricanes are hiding.

  59. The Hurricanes signed James Blake. He was bumped to 4.0 after his first round loss @ Wimbledon.

  60. I heard nadal pulled out of Wimbledon to join sienna


  62. Just noticed Copperfield 4.0 got swept by Willowfork in doubles. Copperfield played some decent doubles players as well. What happened? Did the Smokers play last Thursday night?

  63. I don't think it matters too much. Copperfield is one of the scariest 4.0 teams out there. If they put out an 8 man lineup including Ahn, Mategrano, Sawaya, Bassett, Deleon, Thrower, O'Pry and Nguyen they can beat anyone, including the Hurricanes or Sienna's top lineups. I don't know as much about Bear Creek, but they dominated the division so they must be really good.

  64. What about Sean,,,, he is one hard driven MFkr.