Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Match in 4.0

The 4.0 division takes center stage this week with some interesting matchups with playoff implications.

The headliner is the match between Chancellor's and JCC Dudes. Both teams have been nearly perfect on the season, losing only 3 and 4 total lines respectively. Both teams went 2-1 in city playoffs last season, just one match away from a berth to Sectionals. The two teams appear to be among the top 3 teams in the city again this year. Jonathan Hao Nguyen has been a dominant force for Chancellor's thus far. He's 6-0, losing only 17 games total in those six matches. David Trevas is 6-0 in singles for the Dudes, and Paul Summers and Jeff Johnson are also undefeated in singles. An interesting subplot is the protest of last week's Chancellor's match. I have no details on the protest, but if it affects the outcome of the overall match the division race will be wide open and this week's match will loom even larger.

In Division I there is a matchup of the second and third place teams as Bear Creek takes on Lost Forest's Hackers. Bear Creek won 3-2 in their first meeting and consequently have a one match lead in the standings. Expect the Hackers to bring their best lineup this week. A 4-1 win will put them ahead in lines won on the season.

In Division IV the Hurricanes face the 6-1 Smokers, whose only loss came in the teams' first matchup. The Smokers' roster has strengthened since then, and despite the 5-0 score in the first meeting, the match was quite competitive.

In 4.5 there is an intriguing matchup as the first place Black Sheep take on Copperfield. Last week John Kudrick hobbled out onto the court in a must-win situation and paired with Michael Letan to pull out a huge win in a big matchup against the Jedi Knights. We'll see if he worsened his injury or if he'll try to gut it out again this week. Copperfield is trying to sew up its first 4.5 playoff berth since....heck, it might be their first playoff berth ever. Westside will get a good tuneup before city playoffs.

There's nothing exciting on the 5.0 docket this week. The top two teams match up against the two bottom feeders. Lost Forest's trip to Sectionals looks like a foregone conclusion at this point.


  1. Watch for Copperfield Lobsters to pull out a win Thursday night in their 4.5 matchup vs. Westside. On their home court, they are very difficult to beat. This season both the 4.0 Copperheads and 4.5 Lobsters are in playoff contention. That's alot of good players for a 12-court suburbia club. Kudrick runs a great club out in West Houston.

  2. They are difficult to beat on their home courts because the lights suck. And since its a members only club and team, they are the only ones who have become accustomed to the lighting.

  3. Chancellors beat JCC 4-1
    Lost Forest beats Bear Creek 3-2
    Hurricanes beat Smokers 4-1

  4. Chancellor mops the floor at JCC. 5-0