Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tennis, Politics and afternoon fun!

I am not one to mix tennis and politics, but as we were going back to our Super 8 Motel (yes, super 8) we were seeing people coming down the road with anti-war signs.

We got back to our room and the cleaning staff was doing their job (on our room of course) and asked for "quince minuntos" so Thomas, Brian and I decided to go check out the anti-war rally.

The keynote speaker was Congressman Grijalva. He was very passionate about his arguments and was very anti-war and called out his local opposition for not being there (as if they were even invited).

Here are some pics of what we saw, we got Chris and Thomas dancing with a hippie lady, Brian holding a protest sign. We covered up our "Houston" stuff for fear that we would get beat up for being from "Bush Country"...

The best part of the protest/rally was the "Raging Grannies"... this was a quintet of grannies that sung anti-Bush parodies. Their hits were spinoffs of "You don't get it" and a slant on the Christmas classic "Santa Claus is coming to Town" called "W is lying again"... Whether you agree or disagree with their politics you have to admire their creativity. Here they are in action on stage!

The afternoon got even more interesting. As we went back to our Super 8, there was a guy laying on the sidewalk that had appearantly fallen and could not get up (who remembers that commercial?), he was all bloody and could not move. We called 911 and they came out to help this poor bastard. The comments from the paramedics was that it was a diabetic seizure. Hope all is well. The comment was made that he may have been a pro-Bush person that got beat up by the war protesters!

Since we had nothing to do for the afternoon and flying out early would cost $100 and we had pre-paid our travel (expedia) we thought about making a junket down to Nogales, Mexico but no one brought their passport..this is probably a good thing; given our afternoon we may have ended up in a Mexican jail.

We are going to attend the USTA player party tonight. I personally have always found these things kind of boring, but I am always open to try new things.

Some of our party have paid the cake to get the early flight and are headed back to Htown. We should have pretty crappy attendance tonight at the party.

Our plan tomorrow is to get together a match with our remaining teammates and then go watch the final to see the level of competition to only speculate "what could have been".....


  1. Chris, Super 8???? When we were in Tucson there was a lady lying on the ground by the street near the Doubletree. There were paramedics and police around but they didn't seem in any rush to put her in the ambulance or get her up - just standing there kind of staring at her. We guessed she was a drunk or homeless person. Must be a Tucson thing....