Saturday, October 27, 2007

Southern - Match 3

Here is the lineup:

1S: Sarosh
2S: Kern
1D: Towle/Urtis
2D: Wood/Knutson
3D: Goldberg/ Thomas

Subs: Janek, Patton, Veilleux

The team we were playing was basically a bunch of young kids that were all under 25. We won 4-1.

Sarosh handed his opponent his first loss of the year.

Kern had a good match and got it in two.

Urtis and Towle held their own but came up short.

Wood/Knutson got it in straight sets.

Goldberg/Thomas fought off a 2nd set come back by their opponents.

Sorry for the lack of commentary, but I was on the court for most of the time....

The drama in our flight came down to FLA v. NorCal. Florida actually beat NorCal, and were up 3-1 and the last line (3D) would be the match win tiebreak to decide who advances to Sunday. NorCal triumphed in a tiebreak to win by set differential. to move to the next stage.

All in all our group was very even and we could have easily gone 3-0. I was discussing this with both the Fla and Norcal guys and everyone agreed that the results could have been inverted given a couple of subtle changes.


  1. Has Ahmed even lost a set ths year? Has Kern? Freeman next year will need 4 ringers instead of 2 is they want to win mationals, which as everyone knows is a joke anyway.

  2. How funny that the person who says nationals is a joke is doing it from the comfort of his home in HTown...

  3. AND probably never will go to Nationals. Anyone who has been, knows what an awesome experience it is and the fact that they come back talking about what a blast it is just deepens the bitterness.