Friday, June 1, 2007

Last night in 4.5

Not much noise last night in 4.5. In Division I, Ssshhhwing again waltzed past an overmatched opponent. Due to rain and scheduling, we've still not seen a matchup between the Jedi Knights and Ssshhhwing. Last week the Jedi Knights broke out a new singles player, King Bonaay, who I've not seen play and seems to have no playing record. Andre Dafel has still not played...will Bonaay and Cooper be the Knights singles duo in big matches? Who will Ssshhhwing counter with? Danny Vu has been spotless thus far, crushing "Consolation" Kallus last night. (I can't take credit for the nickname, and it's not even accurate according to his record this year. But it does have a certain ring to it...) Will my supposed "man crush" Hunckler make it back into the lineup after last week's stumble? Flad Patterson made it into Ssshhhwing's lineup last night. They've got a BUNCH of options for a big match...Peter Rothe will have his hands full making a decision, but will it matter when the Hangovers firm up their roster?

Speaking of the Hangovers, they took out a talented YUTTS squad last night. Craig Bobo and new stud Ben Whitsett beat the talented duo of Ty Priest and Rich Ryu in straight sets. Once Whitsett gets a little more match tough he'll be another great option for the Hangover captains. Allen Teague and Jody Deluca won easily. (I mentioned that just to get in the obligatory Allen Teague comment) Grant Murphy lost to Tor Krosby.

Kingwood whipped Crasto's Men in Black team, which barely fielded enough players and scraped out just nine games total.

Finally, I'll give a passing mention to Division III. Winless Ball Busters against undefeated Sugar Creek figured to be a mismatch. Perhaps coach Douds was trying to "work some people into the lineup" as neither he nor Burrmann played. The result: a big upset.

In the playoff battle, Rice fielded an actual 4.5 team for a change, and despite losing both singles (Lukas Jendek straight setted Ryan Kudva, by the way) Rice swept the doubles. The Black Sheep again had 4.0 players Simon Kanaan and Joseph Lee in the doubles lineup. Somehow I doubt the top teams in the other divisions are quivering in fear of whoever comes out of division III.


  1. Did the Men In Black at least default ahead of time or did they make Kingwood drive all the way there?

  2. LOL good one; our captain called ahead of time for one of the lines because we didn't plan on defaulting the other. Unfortunately, one of our guys went to Copperfield instead and ended up showing up too late at Memorial.

    With only 8 guys on the roster (everyone else is either injured or out of pocket), we'll have trouble fielding a full squad each week, but I assure you Captain D (and it doesn't stand for default no matter what people say) will give the proper notice to the opposing captain.

  3. Actually, the Black Sheep's Simon Kanaan who is the 4.0 played 10x more steady and tough than his 4.5 partner who literally gave away all 7 pts in the 2nd set tiebreak. So the rating doesn't really apply in that situation.

  4. Tor Krosby is playing out of his mind. I watched him at the Copperfield Adult Open and he looked great. He came close to beating Jules Devillier in the Men's Open semis, and Jules lost a close final to 5.5 rated Blessing Bvunzawabaya.

  5. Why is Tor so good and Bjorn so bad?

    Regardless of losing in 4.5 year after year, you have to admire his persistence to continue to play in a division above where he is really suppose to be. I admire him and wish more people were more like him.

    And why wasn't Tor named after a tennis great? Bjorn should've been named Jan Michael or something else.

  6. They are related I assume? Lot of brother pairings where one's better than the other huh? Roddicks, Blakes, and in our hometown the Mosers...

  7. That dude playing Tor was tanking.