Friday, June 1, 2007


I received an email regarding self rated players and their guidelines. Here is a link to the matrix.

I must admit there is some interesting stuff there.

Oh, since I'm in "educating the public" mode, ntrp calculation is so misunderstood by almost everyone. This is the best explanation I've come across. Maybe 1% of you will care enough to read it fully (it's not exciting reading), but this should answer any questions about just how the rating is determined.


  1. Perhaps it's not that people don't understand the ratings rather that they don't care about the ratings...

  2. The smart captains care about them. That's why the same captains win every year.

  3. I'm sure there have to be some guns that fly under radar regardless of whether USTA ratings are specified or not. Otherwise there wouldn't be miscellaneous players that show up for one important match + a default only to pop up again at city or sectionals. Smart in one case means knowing just how to keep a guy from garnering three strikes.

  4. So this guy is 5.0 rated?

  5. Unfortunately he has a computer rating from his mixed doubles play. Personally I don't think mixed leagues alone generate accurate ntrps.

    I think it's a huge flaw in the system that players with computer ratings are untouchable. Last year a prominent player had an obviously ridiculous rating, which had been computer generated the previous year when he lied on his self rating questionairre. The protest was denied despite his lying because he had played and generated a computer rating.

    I believe the self rating process was different when Mambetov entered the system. In no way am I implying that he lied to get his rating.

  6. Mambetov definitely needs to up his rating as noted by his warmup match against that Lost Forest guy.