Thursday, July 4, 2013

Playoff Schedule

The playoff schedule has been released. In 4.5, teams will play two matches on Saturday, July 13th, and one on Sunday. As I'm sure you know, the four teams who qualified are: The Hurricanes, Enter The Unicorn, Old School and Good-er Guys. Players from several teams were out at Memorial Park yesterday readying themselves for the playoffs.Hopefully everyone will have all of their key players available.

In 4.0, Flight One consists of: Ace-N-Spinners, Good Guys, Unicorns and Lakeside. The teams in Flight Two are: Hurricanes, Shock-N-Awe, Westside Warriors and Sienna Plantation. Interestingly, the Hurricanes/Sienna and Ace-N-Spinners/Good Guys were in the same flight in the regular season. I'm not sure if this was an oversight or a change in philosophy. Perhaps the flights may be altered.

The 4.0 schedule has a match on Friday night, two matches on Saturday, and just the Championship match on Sunday.


  1. A change was made, Sienna and Spinners were flipped

  2. Hacker is more on top of things than HTA. Not surprising.

  3. Awesome thanks.

  4. Anyone know why Zach Marnitz rating nows shows 0.0 and no date? What does this mean, is it normal? Has he already been disqualified for the playoffs because he played college tennis?

    1. It's not normal. Your guess is as good as mine though.

  5. Who wins each pool in 4.5 and 4.0s?

    1. I like the underdog in 4.5's. I think quality over quantity takes it:
      - Hurricanes are crazy deep, not sure how starry their stars are
      - Unicorns are counting on the ringer strategy. Depends on how good their singles is
      - Good-er Guys have the top few players, their low lines are suspect
      - Old School needs a miracle

      1. Good-er Guys
      2. Hurricanes
      3. Unicorns
      4. Old School

      In 4.0's:

      Flight 1:
      - Good Guys have a much weaker squad than last years team
      - Unicorns deep but where's the ringers?
      - Lakeside isn't flashy or deep, but their guys are proven playoff winners
      - Sienna just isn't good enough

      1. Lakeside - If they hold up in the heat
      2/3. Good Guys/Unicorns
      4. Sienna

      Flight 2
      - Hurricanes are strong as ever
      - Copperfield Solis/Salinas can only win 2 lines. It takes 3 to win.
      - Westside is about to find out what it's like to play non-powder puff teams
      - Ace N Spinners has some good pieces but not a winning lineup

      1. Hurricanes
      2. Copperfield
      3. Westside
      4. Ace N Spinners

    2. The reason Mei will win city next week is because freeman simply can't put together three double lines...politics are wrong this year....It will come down to how the brackets line up....But the hurricanes have no possible #1 double pairing who can take Brice/Hirvela...Gooder Guys have both singles too.

    3. Interesting that some can comment on Old School and pick them to finish last and don't even know who they are. Unicorn and or Gooder Guys lucky they were in a different division otherwise they likely don't make it to playoffs!

    4. Your right, its like watching a non ranked D3 school.

  6. Hurricanes have plenty of single players. Martinez, and Moose just to name two.

    1. It is true the hurricanes rise at natl', but there is no chance freeman can put 8 players on the court to win sunday against Mei and the gooderguys/ Old school will still be old, Enter the Unicorn are weekend players, but if you want an exibition on how to play tennis/ The gooderguys is like watching college level tennis

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