Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HTA Houston Open

I took a glance at the draws yesterday, and at this point I'm obviously not the most educated of observers, but my two cents worth:

I'll be very surprised if Odion and Tim Green lose in the 4.5 doubles.

The 4.0 singles intrigues me the most as there are possible matchups between several of my teammates: Eddie Janek, Tuyen Nguyen, Bobby Dornbos. All three of them have chances to do really well in the tournament, and it'll be nice to see how they're playing at this point in the season.

Where is the new blood in the 4.5 singles? That division needs an infusion of youth or new names. Nice to see people like Herb Morton still going strong and earning the top seed.

I saw Javier Chavarria and Don Rios playing a practice match at the Met about a month ago. A shame they have to meet in the first round of the 40's.

Ward Jannuzzi is making an appearance in the 55's. Haven't seen him since his move to Florida. Might be worth a trip out to CHS (if I can figure out what/where that is).

Is anyone gonna' beat Rob Collins?

League rosters are filling up quickly. I haven't studied them yet. Any surprises? Post in the comments.

I suppose I should also mention that the 40+ league has had some good turnout. The quality of play, to me, seems to be a notch below the summer league, but that's to be expected. City playoffs are just around the corner. Should be some competitive matches.


  1. Alfredo Perez over David McMullan in 4.5 singles
    Dibua/Green over Perez/Medford in 4.5 dubs

  2. Alfredo Perez - OUT
    David McMullan - OUT
    Dibua/Green - OUT

  3. Who will win 40+? I like Lakeside.

  4. Lee Leclear/SAP will win now that it matters and can make their reservations for nationals.

  5. 6:29 you need an update

  6. This kid with a long last name has a huge game. Blistering backhand, thunder forehand, huge first serve, solid second serve, repeating returns and touch varieties.

    1. Yep!!! Bright future ahead. He made it all the way!!! Strong Mentally and physically too.

  7. SAP sucks, cannot even win their division!

    1. By design, all SAP had to do was get in the playoffs.

    2. Looks like SAP is the real deal when it matters. The season really started this weekend.

    3. Looks like SAP needs to go back to the drawing board.

    4. SAP, done and over with. HAhahaha

  8. Where's the Summer League chatter

  9. I guess this blog is dead

  10. League Tennis is dead. HTA is doing its best at killing interest through bad management. I know it is a low paying job, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be semi-competent.

    1. thats what happens when u hire a bunch of women

  11. teams to make playoffs
    div1- dbags and gooder guys
    div2- hurricanes and old school
    div3- unicorns, blacksheep, or jcc

  12. What about the Lobsters? They are always in the mix of things.

  13. Willy Lock sure has some interesting results. It looks like he has dramatically improved over the past 6 months from losing a set to Thomas Sawaya 6-1 and a match to Javier Chavarria last August/September to making the Houston Open finals and beating Jorge Bouffier 6-0, 6-1 last week.

    I want whatever he is taking!!!

  14. remember two years ago, someone tried to sneak him on their 4.5 team??

  15. this blog is so dead...

  16. Not as much action- a "where is Red" today section should be started

  17. Could someone please rank the 4.5 and 4.0 teams this year out of Houston.

  18. Sure.

    4.5: 1. Hurricanes

    4.0: 1. Hurricanes

    That is all.

    1. 4.5s
      1. Hurricanes
      2. Gooder Guys
      3. JCC
      4. Unicorns
      5. Old School
      6. Westside
      7. Deucebags
      8. Serve & Folley
      9. Hulks
      10. Gypsies
      11. Lobsters
      12. Sienna
      13. HRC
      14. Chancellors
      15. Clambakes
      16. Lakeside CC
      17. Lakeside Estates

      1. Hurricanes
      2. Ace N Spinners
      3. Unicorns
      4. Good Guys
      5. Westside - Warriors
      6. Lakeside
      7. Sienna
      8. Falcon Point
      9. Copperfield - sna
      10. Thors
      11. Double Trouble
      12. Hawkeyes
      13. Columbia Lakes
      14. JCC
      15. Copperfield - terror
      16. Westside - Comets
      17. Rolido Boys
      18. Sugar Creek
      19. HRC
      20. Aces
      21. Cobra Kai
      22. Wranglers
      23. Falcons
      24. Pecan Grove
      25. Acers
      26. Poachers
      27. Spin Drs
      28. Lost Forest
      29. Hustlers
      30. Quail Valley
      31. Mason Creek
      32. Corporate
      33. Lions
      34. MD Anderson

  19. Sienna still sucks

  20. I saw Red at Dunkin Donuts yesterday morning. Hartz Chicken Buffet at lunch and Fogo de Chao last night.

  21. Hows 4.0 shaping up. Can anyone threaten the hurricanes. Any new adds on good teams with playoffs coming up.