Friday, June 15, 2012

Last night

I made it out to LLTC last night and caught a little of the feature match between the Good-er Guys and Hurricanes. I watched a bunch of the singles, which was decent but unspectacular. I think I expected more out of Martinez, given his two wins over Pete Taylor. I've seen both Pise and Cooper play better, but it was a very competitive match. Great win for Scott Foster and Matt Mussenden. The Hurricanes appear to have found a formidable doubles pairing.

Both the Hurricane and Mob Squad 4.0's were out there, but there wasn't really anything interesting going on there. Yawners. I did notice that Zach Salinas played two matches yesterday (was one a continuation of a previous match? Too lazy to look it up). Chances he gets DQ'd before City Playoffs? I'm putting it at 50%. If I were the captain, I would have sat him. Bromley remained on the sidelines.

I'm glad we finally know the playoff situation, or at least most of it. All the second place teams will make it in 4.5, and three of them in 4.0. As far as I know, the mechanism for choosing the 4.0 teams has not been announced. I don't mind that so much. I think it's clear that the WSTC-Warriors and the 2nd place finisher between Lakeside/WSTC-Phoenix will earn two of the three slots. The other one is still up for grabs. Interesting that the Rolido Boys received a default against the Acers last week..if I'm not mistaken, that result should be somehow thrown out when calculating the Wild Card. I don't know the circumstances of the match, but not playing it may come back to haunt the Rolido Boys. Perhaps Numbers Guy can elaborate.


  1. Predictions for 4.0 wildcards? BTW, Sienna sucks.

  2. Nice choke job by Martinez against that scrub Schroff

  3. The 4.0 wild cards are basically set (at least 2 of the 3).

    WC1 will be the 2nd place team in Division VI (Lakeside or Phoenix)

    WC2 will be Westside Warriors from Division from Division III

    WC3 is between Pin Oak and Sienna Plantation.

  4. My understanidng is that the Acers just couldn't put a team together that night. The Rolido Boys showed up and practiced. We beat them 4-1 last time. It was not like we were running from a match. I don't think there is much of a hidden story here. Trey Jernigan

  5. div3
    mob won last night 3-2 and jam won 5-0. this puts mob in a very bad spot. if they can sweep clambakes and not lose any sets, and if lakeside wins against jam 3-2. that means both teams will be 7-3 with 35 "indivdual wins". it will come down to "sets won". there's still a possibility that lakeside gets upset by bronies or clambakes and then lose to jam. this will put mob and jam in playoffs.

    battle for second place gypsies and hrc. it will come down to individual wins. both teams have to sweep the remaining two games.

  6. Hack, I think you're right about all Acers matches being thrown out for playoff-calculation purposes. Doesn't look like it matters though, Rolido Boys had too low a lines-won percentage (assuming that's the selection criterion - HTA's email doesn't make that clear) to qualify even with the 9-1 lines-won/lost record they had vs. Acers.

    12:39 appears to have it right as well, again assuming it's lines-won percentage. Columbia Lakes also has a chance.

    Seeds look like they could be, assuming sets lost is a tiebreaker:

    Good Guys
    Mob Squad
    Sienna or Pin Oak

    but that's just a projection as there are several matches yet to be played that could make a difference.

    Another 4.0 DQ last week, Wilchester's teaching pro Rodolfo Rico, which helps Lakeside's and Phoenix's percentages.

  7. i4.5 DIII
    Lakeside beats Clambakes. DIm for Chancellors.

    Sugar Creek rolled making a late season statement.

  8. Good Guys will win city play offs this year, their doubles lines are all solid. Their singles can compete with any in the city, they are the team to beat this season in 4.0s.

  9. Question about Multiple Leagues Rule. Does anyone know the answer. It's not clear on the HTA website. Here's the scenario: A player is on a NoHo league and Houston league. The NoHo league is not large enough for a City Playoff and the player is on a team which will advance to Sectionals and the player has declared they will go to Sectionals with the NoHo team. Can that player participate in the Houston City Playoffs?

  10. How does a player declare they are playing in Sectionals with NoHo. The Captain has to declare his team is playing in Sectionals and pay the entry fee. Great question for Allison.

  11. Freeman and his Phillipino buddies are probably playing tricks with their score card again. Will Adam Berry show up again for a match he didnt play, Chris Towle?

  12. Yo.. Its Filipino get it right

  13. phillipino / filipino... flips is just easier