Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grunting Analysis

Interesting read on the effects of grunting and how it impacts tennis.

I think the cutting edge teams will start employing "effective grunt training sessions" for their players for next season to have that edge.

Here is an teaser from the article:

There is a growing chorus of critics who complain that many of the top-ranked professional tennis players who grunt when they hit the ball gain an unfair advantage because the sound of the grunt interferes with their opponent's game. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

We explored this potential detrimental effect of grunting by presenting videos of a tennis player hitting a ball to either side of a tennis court; the shot either did, or did not, contain a brief sound that occurred at the same time as contact. The participants' task was to respond as quickly as possible, indicating whether the ball was being hit to the left- or right-side of the court. The results were unequivocal: The presence of an extraneous sound interfered with a participants' performance, making their responses both slower and less accurate.


  1. people who complains about grunting is probably losing and find excuses. if you are focused in your match, you're only focused on where the ball is going, and any other sounds are mentally blocked. i dont grunt, but i'm all for grunting

  2. Grunting or not, let the tanking begin in 4.5.

  3. The tanking in Dallas is ridiculous. Here...not so much.

  4. I just saw a grunting fest at Lost Forest Brian Goldberg vs John Patch. I think John Patch won the grunting war.

  5. Who cares? So what if they were grunting,as long as it was a good match.