Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HTA Season Underway

The HTA season has begun. I had heard rumors that there were going to be some new studs popping up on some fall rosters, but I haven't seen evidence of that so far. It looks like the Deucebags have integrated some new Met members onto their roster. They'll need some new talent to replace Aadrian Hasker if they hope to return to Dallas and surpass last year's finish up there.

From what I hear the players on the teams making it to Nationals have been working very hard at staying sharp and should be poised for success when they get there.

The combo tournament is rapidly approaching...it looks as though there's been little interest thus far.


  1. What's up with all of the random posts over the last week or so?

    Who didn't get rained out last week BTW?

  2. I heard a captain has been banned from league for a year for playing an illegal player in USTA League - playing under a different name. Does anyone know who it is?

  3. It's not going to be a fun season for Lost Forest in flight #2.

  4. Yes, we are playing for the goal of fully keeping that EOY 4.0 rating.

  5. Chris,

    I thought the fall season had no bearing on the EOY rating for 2009? Am I missing something?


  6. Lance, not directly. But everything is a starting point for negotiation.

  7. Yes, I guess you are correct. Forgot about that.


  8. ROFL. Do I have to tell you guys everything?

    Sign up for the Fall Fest today so that you can get your behind kicked twice in singles and move your year end rating back down.

    And BTW don't lose 6-0, 6-0, those scores are thrown out. 6-1,6-0 will do great.