Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This Week

It’s another fairly slow week this week. Is it just me, or are there fewer interesting matchups this year?

In the 5.0 division division leader the Met plays an Old School team that appeared to be giving them trouble when rain interrupted their first matchup a few weeks ago. Old School has Eliot Lopez on their roster and may provide a test for a Met team that has looked vulnerable lately. The other 5.0 matchup features a resurgent Lost Forest team facing Craig Bobo’s team filled with solid 4.5 players.

I quickly glanced at the 4.5 schedule and didn’t see much of interest. Ssshhhwing plays the Mob Squad again. Their first meeting came down to the wire as the Mob squeaked out a 3-2 win on the strength of a tight one at number one doubles. Both teams have added a player or two since then, but the Mob still appears stronger in the singles and weaker in the doubles.

Copperfield and the Jedi Knights butt heads again as well. Copperfield has one loss and the Knights have two, so it’s do or die for Jim Patton’s club. The first meeting was 3-2 Copperfield, with one line defaulted by the Knights.

In 4.0 several matches have playoff implications as teams jockey for the second place spot in their division. The second place Smokers, fresh off a victory over Rice, now take on a veteran Royal Oaks team with 2 losses. Royal Oaks has been thin in singles, and probably will not have enough to beat a scrappy Smokers bunch.

Unbeaten Chancellor’s takes on a 3-1 Willow Fork team that appears weaker than its record. The Prairie Dogs were crushed in their matchup with other division power JCC and appear to be too weak to challenge Chancellor’s.

Lastly, first place Copperfield takes on Lost Forest’s talented two loss team, The Hackers. The Hackers have several familiar names on their team with 4.5 experience, but have their hands full with a deep Copperheads squad.

Also, in the Noho league, there's a big matchup as Kris Knutson's team travels down to Bay Area to take on Red Benzon's team. Both teams are capable of fielding solid lineups...we'll see what kind of turnout they get on a holiday weekend.


  1. What about Bo Bassett with Royal Oaks? He should be able to hold his own in singles.

  2. Bo Bassett is a really nice 4.0 that was missing from Royal Oaks early losses. Ge adds much more depth to their team. Rice is clearly out of the picture so it will come down to Royal Oaks and Smokers.

  3. red benzon is such a tool. please discuss.

  4. Who thinks Freeman's Hurricanes can Matchup with Kingwood Crush after the late additions of Craig Bobo and Don Rios it does shake things up a bit.

  5. Kingwood Crush will win Houston League and go onto win at Sectionals as well. GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What is Crush's best lineup?

    What is Hurricanes best lineup?

    What is Mob Squad's best lineup?

    Any chance either of those 2 can beat Crush?

  7. Those are the 3 teams to beat, not sure who's better.

  8. You forgot Westside out of the mix. They are very good, but going under the radar.

  9. I don't know who the last poster thinks he is discussing a team outside of the "big 3" on this site. I'm shocked it wasn't erased immediately. Unacceptable

  10. Westside who?? They can't compete with CRUSH!!!!

  11. does west side have a singles player who can beat omon, lopez, ahmed, hunkler, puma or hasker?

  12. Mills and Rios are pretty tough from the MET as well.

  13. Westside has some unkown singles player that are good. They were under estimated last year and then almost got to go to Dallas.

  14. The city playoffs will provide some great tennis. If its the 6 team format like last year:

    Mob Squad
    (Schwing could make it interesting if they beat Mob Squad tonight)
    Westside (Div II team)
    Jedi Knights

  15. They were nowhere close to getting to Dallas last year.

  16. What are you talking about, they were 1 match away from beating Crush which puts them in the finals. Both teams in the finals advances to Dallas.

  17. Two reasons: Crush under estimated them and Lucas Jendek was a totally illegal former satellite player.

  18. I guess that proves your point, they were no way close to going to Dallas because they were under estimated.

  19. Could anyone on Westside make the Kingwood starting lineup?

  20. Who are the starting line up for Kingwood?

    1 Singles
    2 Singles

    1 Doubs
    2 Doubs
    3 Doubs

  21. It appears that the Met 4.5 has off tonight. Any comments on their dream lineup against the Crush if they play in Citywide Finals.

  22. Goldberg is Freeman's secret weapon for the Hurricanes. Watch out CRUSH!!!!

  23. Not sure who will play with who, but here is the top Crush lineup.

    Lopez and Dibua in singles

    Doubles players:


  24. Met top lineup is as follows:

    Jason Freeman #1 singles
    Brian Goldberg #2 singles

    Richard Patton/Charlie Smith #1 doubles

    David Lombardi/Jon Evans #2 doubles

    Joe Shornick/Don Rios #3 doubles

  25. Ok, Westside has two 4.5 teams, one strong team run by Tom Ristau/Scott Carr-Blacksheep and one weak team run by Bruce Richards-No way Out.
    Westside Black Sheep were 3 points from going to Dallas last season. Line 1 Doubles, 3rd set breaker lost 10-7 in the last match. Some of you people are just blind idiots that follow the same path and spew the same BS. It's honestly getting old and screwing up what could be a decent blog. Do your homework.

    Oh and CRUSH will still beat them.