Monday, November 26, 2007

Year End Ratings are Out

The ratings are here. There may still be further adjustments made. As noted before, appeals are now easy and many people will probably be moved down.

Here are my first impressions:

Notable bumps to 5.0:

Odion Dibua, Tim Green, Tim Hurlbert, Ryan Kudva, Henry Li, Phong Regent

I know people are quite opinionated on Tim (and perhaps Phong and Henry) being moved up, but I don't have a strong opinion on it either way. They have obviously been Sectional-level players in 4.5 for many years and have had tons of success. I'm sure they will be successful playing 5.0 as well. On the other hand, none of them is in any way a dominant force at Sectionals and I certainly wouldn't have any problem with them staying at 4.5. I think it's kind of ironic that they all got moved up THIS year when I feel that their play (and results) has been better in many previous years. Phong and Henry played much of their tennis in 5.0 league, which is what helped to push them upwards.

Notable bumps up to 4.5:

Sarosh Ahmed, Sam Ahn, John Biers, Quack Bui, Bernie De la Torre, Greg Dwyer, Matt Evelt, Brian Goldberg, Bret Hern, Eddie Janek, Wade Karel, Jason Kern, Kris Knutson, Don Obenrader, Eddie Perdomo, Richard Perreras, Jason Rawls, Chad Reed, David Romero, Thomas Sawaya, Peter Strasser, John Swartley, Thomas Tran-Park, John Veilleux.

I'm sure I missed quite a few. I must say I'm baffled at being included in that list. My play was quite poor and my results were mediocre at best. I have yet to appeal, but will try to do so soon. I'm shocked at being included on the list.

It looks like 6 of Freeman's guys got bumped, which is a little higher than I thought given that they didn't fare that well at Nationals. Their high ratings helped to inflate the rest of Houston's ratings a bit. The Rice team had even the Heat team had 5 players bumped.

4.5 Bump Downs and Players who didn't get moved up:

David B., Blessing B., Lukas Jendek, Grant Murphy, Gary Armstrong

Wow. I'm shocked that those names are on this list. No offense to Tim, Phong, Henry or anyone else, but I would have expected a lot of these names to have been rated 5.0 ahead of those three.

It's quite possible that Houston could put together a super strong 4.5 team this year. If Murphy, David and Blessing are on the same team, that would be quite a nice foundation. Perhaps Sectionals in 2008 in 4.5 will be interesting after all....

I just glanced quickly at the new 4.0 list. I only noticed one interesting drop down: Ken Sjoberg. I'm sure there were others, but none jumped out at me. Jason Freeman was among those bumped up from 3.5....


  1. Greg good luck on your protest, I believe every Hurricane player has already lost their protest.


  2. Well, good news for me...I'm back down to 4.0.

  3. If Tim wins his appeal too, I am going to be pissed.

  4. Grant Murphy did get bumped to 5.0 I am a little surprised by some of the 4.5 to 5.0 bumps. Some make sense due to playoff wins that they had, but others that were bumped from 4.5 to 5.0?????? -plus some that stayed at 4.5 are total shockers too. Whitsett and I were fortunate not to get bumped, and most of our team stayed at 4.5 too. I guess we we'll see how all of the appeals go over the next 2 weeks before we start speculating how 2008 will pan out. It looks like Kudrick has got a few key pieces over his way that got bumped down to 4.5 for him to put a contender together. Good luck to everyone.

  5. Checking in from Austin, we had a few surprises here, notably some good 5.0 players who were moved down to 4.5. Also a few guys from Austin Wild who stayed 4.5, Schlotterback and Strawbridge.


  6. Ken Sjoberg should be 4.0

  7. Just think that it's sort of funny that the head teaching pro at Walden stays at 4.5 while his assistant gets bumped to 5.0.

  8. Ken S will not win a tournament in 4.0, he is not good enough.

  9. hello everyone,
    I'm shock how I moved up to 4.5, and benchmarked on top of that for playing in 5.5 sectionals as a volunteer... I don't think I would consider myself a 4.5, maybe some shots, other than that I still lose to some great 4.0 players out there, will that affect the persons rating if they defeat me?? appeal has been denied, I'M READY FOR THE NEW CHALLENGE...cheers

    Richard Perreras

  10. Just Play tennis and shut up. If you are good then good for you but if you are not good well find a teaching pro who can help you out. Enough of this cheap talk about who did what and didn't do what. Just look in within and know where you stand and where you need to be. Look on the positive side at least you can play this lovely game.